How AFPBPI is improving positive behavioral patterns among children and youths


 A group Advocacy for Positive Behavioral Patterns Initiative (AFPBPI) has revealed that concentration should be hinged on behavioural excellence equivalently as Academic and career pursuit among teenagers and youths to help Nigeria build a strong society.
AFPBPI added that strong positive behavioural patterns is essential among teenagers and youths in our society
Mrs. Lilian Mann who is the Project Coordinator of the organization said that what builds a nation is attitude, adding that the greatest discovery of all times is that a person can change their future by changing their character.
“AFPBPI is a behavioural based non-governmental organization working to curb the alarming moral decadence in the society by supporting to improve positive behaviour among teenagers and youth.
“We believe that pursuing academic excellence is not enough. Behavioural excellence is the ultimate. It is the foundation of academic, career and life long successes bringing out the best in children while helping them grow to pleasant personalities”
Mrs. Mann further revealed that AFPBPI has designed community impact programmes that will help children learn, relearn and unlearn behavioral patterns for the betterment of the society.
She said that one of such programs is ‘Nigeria Children and Emotional Intelligence’, designed to teach children the importance of emotional intelligence.
She added that the absence of emotional intelligence which helps in both decision making and building of personalities has contributed to the present state of the country.
“Our ultimate goal is to promote a healthier society and this programme will handle Peer brutality, self-awareness, decision making, academic problems, depression as well as violence and crime among children”, she said.
The virtual programme is for Children between the ages of 7 to 19 and will be held on April 9, 16 and 30, 2022.
She further revealed that AFPBPI will be making 2022 Children’s Day with a ‘Movie Day For Children and Teens’ on May 28, 2022.
She said that the event which is in partnership with Evelyn Recreational and Events Center, will be taking place at Evelyn Center, Gwarinpa Abuja.

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