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Orzobeat Media rolls out plans for King and Queen of the House Reality TV Show

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An internationalentertainment and event management outfit Ozobeat Media has rolled out plansfor King and Queen of the House Reality TV Show (KQ HOUSE SHOW), which isexpected to change the face of reality TV in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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The show isexpected to produce ambassadors of positive virtues in Nigeria and Africa aswhole, according to the project director Mr. Lambart Nnorom Jr.

Mr. Nnorom who wasspeaking for Ozobeat Media, said beauty pageants and reality TV have been takenover by mediocre; people who cash out on the increasing immorality in thesociety, adding that things are about to change.

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“The notion behindbeauty pageantry has almost gone moribund and totally defeated. Boys and Girlshave taken it as one of the cheapest ways to run for their immorality cumpimping businesses.  

“We no longer havebeauty Queens with brain and the desired aim for its promotion, which is towork on a Pet Project and standing tall as Models against ill societalinfluences. Mediocre and Girls of easy virtue are the ones wearing the crownfor various Beauty Pageant Organizations”

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He stated thatnothing will be left in the hands of destroyers, adding that King and Queen ofthe House Reality TV Show has come to the rescue.

Explaining theconcept of King and Queen of the House Reality TV Show, Mr. Nnorom said, it isa pageant for 30 contestants vying for two crowns for the King and Queen.

“It is a pageantcum reality TV show, where viewers will enjoy every single thing till thewinners emerge”, he said.

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He further stated that they will be taking strict measures to ensures the best of beauty and brain are admitted to the house.


“Panel of Judgesshall interview entrants on areas of Job creation, anti-corruption strategiesand sociopolitical progress of the society. It is expected that the good – lookingintelligentsia will finally emerge, who shall become ambassadors of societalvalues in order to curb youthful unrest, community clashes, Child trafficking,cultism, Drug abuse etc” Mr. Lambert Nnorom Jr. said.

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On how preparedOzobeat Media is to carry out the task of organizing a reality TV show as KQHOUSE SHOW that will be resounding beyond Nigeria, Mr. Nnorom said thateverything has been put down as they are supposed to be, adding that there hasbeen some structural implementations, strategic partnerships and other thingsneeded are being sorted out ahead of 2021 when the event is expected to comealive.

“We understandevery strength and weakness that is on ground at the moment, and with ourstrategy being to make things better while promoting African culture andvalues, we’re working towards being stronger than the strongest and not beingas weak as their weakness”

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