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#Covid19 Jokes: HOW COVIK WON NINE

by OtownGist

Once upon a time… Presidents were in primary school and their teacher asked them to tell a story…

One president raised his hands and was given the floor to tell his story.

“The title of my story is HOW COVIK WON NINE”

In the times before, long long before banks started saving money for people. There were two gods, COVIK and NINE.


In the kingdom of gods they quarreled as COVIK, the god of earth wanted to punish men for their activities which have led to climate change, but NINE was against that, he was the god of life.

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The argument was too much that other gods decided that there should be a fight to the death between COVIK and NINE whom funny enough used to be good friends.

On the D-day, gods and representatives of men gathered to watch the fight that would shape the destiny of the earth.


It was easy at first for NINE whom with punches and strokes of his swords gave COVIK serious knocks as they were not allowed to throw fire balls nor use any form of magic.


With few knocks, COVIK was on the ground begging for his life. NINE being the god of life decided to show mercy to COVIK against the rules of fighting till one of them dies.

He stretched his right arm to help COVIK up, with the plan of changing the rules because his father VENTILATOR was highly placed.

COVIK took the arm with his left and with his right drew a dagger from his waist and drilled it straight into NINE’s heart.

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In shock, NINE cried out for he had been betrayed, but there isn’t anything like betrayals in battles. Life and death settles it.

As the first drop of his blood hit the sands of the arena, his entire body followed and hit the ground with welcome jumps and cheers from the crowd, dust and sand.

That was how COVIK WON NINE and sent his agent CORONAVIRUS to punish the people of the world”

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Everyone in the class clapped and clapped because they have never seen this president smart like that before.

By Chinedu Hardy Nwadike


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