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On The #ImoNewLagos Movement

by OtownGist

I sincerely commend everyone who made inputs in that programme, but I have my reservations.
There are two sides of SHOW(-)BIZ and so far, the SHOW has not been done very well.
I listened to a bunch of self-righteous people heaping their personal sins on other people and trying to BE god without a heaven or hell base.

They are celebrated by people who have chosen to draw inspiration from failed people, while ignoring those who have succeeded. That’s not the business of the day, let me just shoot.

Some songs, jokes and movies made by some of us, are so substandard that even a part of us does not like them, yet we want to be appreciated.


The SHOW has the wrong attitude and no matter how long you have been in the industry, no one needs to wake up every morning to tell you GOOD MORNING SIR/MA. Great us with your work and greatness NOT AGE.


The show is not about gods and demons; old and new; grace and graceless. It is about quality and uniqueness; it is about creativity and creations. TUFACE has elders he greets, but he is still bigger than them. So if you are old without success, don’t think of you as the standard, think of you as unsuccessful and start working to be successful. Before you say Hardy nko? I am even ashamed of where I am at the moment and I am working hard to move away.

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A god is a creator; when you can’t create arts anymore, the next way to remain relevant is to get out of the way and create humans who can create great arts. You are even a better god now. So if you can’t create art, and won’t make way for other to create, because of your age or position, just FADE AWAY.


This is meaningless but then I see it as the gap between SHOW and BIZ. It is your attitude, it is your strategy, it is your personality and your ability to understand what needs to be sold and what shouldn’t get out there.


Sometimes in showbiz, ‘the uglier the better’ is the key. There are things that matter and things that don’t so don’t go fighting dirty for a stupid reason.

Despite being known as an icon in the baby-daddy world, Tuface still sang ‘I like woman, I de straightforward”, and it sold. So just understand that too much of Sunday School morals can kill showbiz, unless you’re a gospel minister.

How do you approach people? How do you respond when approached and how do you handle feedbacks.

How many times has Wizkid and Dvido been called ‘wark’ and ‘contentless’ on social media? How many times did they fight dirty to respond? But someone here will send his warriors to battle for that. Learn how to take advantage of negative stories.

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Unfortunately, no matter what you do, you won’t be the one buying from you. Someone else will have to appreciate you and it is not by force.

When you have failed in SHOW and (-), you don’t expect BIZ to be lucrative and just imagine if all of us are getting it right, this will be a new Imo and not even Lagos.

People in music, movie, dance, comedy etc in Imo State have their problems but if you sit at home, you’ll only make headline on radio stations, newspapers and blogs when you die.

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You are practically unknown, see it that way so move to an ON-AIR-PERSONALITY, BLOGGER or REPORTER and tell them your story (please make it reasonable). If you record a song at home, they won’t hear it, but if you die, they will and even when it is death, ‘media call it good news’.

If you want to be the best act like the best.
– Let your products be like that of the best
– Use social media (Facebook, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube), like the best
– Have the best approach, response and feedback system
– Then understand the market and make yourself available so the world can give you bread.

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You don’t have to brag about unsuccessful efforts, it is stupidity. Get back to work and start doing something to break barrier (or settle your village people, if they are the reason, lol).

Don’t go thinking artistes who made money from other sources are more successful than you, you might even be better than them. And again, being an upcoming anything is not a job, go get yourself a job and a life.

Did you notice I didn’t mention government? Not that I want to save their ass, it is because you don’t need them to build yourself.

I wish you all the best.

My name is Chinedu Hardy Nwadike (@hardynwa) and #IamIgbotic


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