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How we moved FOW World from nothing to multinational – Buchi George

President of FOW World, a globally diversified organization, Hon. Nwabueze Buchi George has recounted how for more than a decade he has turned the organization from nothing to something big.

Buchi George who spoke to newsmen in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, said it has never been an easy ride, but determination and vision saw him and his team through it all.

Fow World which has strategic investments in key international economic sectors like real estate, trade, education, training (human capacity development), entertainment and media with a humanitarian arm, The Global Family Funds and Home for Hope Project founded in 1999.

Nwabueze Buchi George

“It is a fast growing organization, positively imparting different sectors of the world. This organization serves as one of the major employers of labour globally, satisfying the financial, intellectual and welfare needs of its vast, multi-talented and professional employees. We focus on the following”

“We still maintain our mission which is ‘to be a voice, promote, mentor and inspire excellence to humanity, while encouraging training, education, investment, trade, projects and manpower development, always staying ahead’, and so far we have made tremendous achievements with our works and they are out there to speak for us”, Buchi George said.

He listed Train Nigeria learn Nigeria; Project 360 Global Entrepreneurship Manpower Development and Empowerment Training Programme; World Trade Summit & Expo; Nigeria Week and Trade Expo; Nigeria Asia Week & Trade Expo; Nigeria Trade Summit and other events as some as the achievements of their Programmes and Project Management department.

“We have also done well in the media with our FOW 24VNEWS and one special thing about our projects and events especially in the area of entertainment is that part of our proceeds are channeled to charity via The Global Education Fund and other causes that improve the lives of les privileged people around the world” he added.


Fow World ( are organizers of Mister & Miss Nations; Mista & Miss Global Tourism; Common Wealth Fashion Week; United Nations Fashion Week; Mista & Miss Face of the World and host of other entertainment events.