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Arondizuogu Youths cry for justice over runaway wife-killer Mgbeodinma Smauel

by OtownGist

Gloria Onyedikachi Odinma (Nee Ngoforo), who hails from Arondizuogu, walked down the aisle with Mgbeodinma Smauel, from Awo – Idemili, both in Imo State, Nigeria on the 10th day of February, 2018. Four months after the wedding, this beautiful couple engaged in an argument which resulted to a misunderstanding between them, and the husband – Mgbodinma, in the face of showing off his manly power beat Gloria – his wife, to death on the 16th day of June, 2018. On the 17th day of June, he put her corpse in his car and drove to her parents house in Lagos, never told a soul what has happened until finally discovered on the 18th of June, 2018 about 9:00am, while he flue into the thin air.

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Domestic Violence is the misuse, irregular or abnormal use of physical strength and power by one in a relationship to control, subdue or correct the partner. This Domestic Violence thrive more in the aspect of woman in the Africa, Nigeria in particular. It is becoming an acceptable norm in the society of Nigeria; the ugly view that “since Nigeria is a patriarchal society, domestic abuses, violence and sufferings should be accepted as a corrective measure in marriages” is a heart breaking.

The male folks beat their spouses claiming they were, intoxicated , some, showing off macho power, others argue that, the woman is the breadwinner , majority say, the woman is mannerless; whatever the case maybe, the truth need to be told, Women are fragile, weaker vessel, soft, vulnerable and this avail them to be exploited most times. Husbands who beat their wives need to be given a special place or apartment in the psychiatric hospital or centre. Wife beating, I must confess is a slap on God’s face, who gave her to men to nurture, protect, love, care for and respect. Gloria, Onyedikachi Obinna’s husband in his sense of reasoning exhibited masculinity but that’s an appalling exhibition.
Domestic violence, not only in the aspect of beating of partner, verbal abuses and the rest subject the victim to an everlasting emotional trauma which most of the times, drive the victims into committing suicide. It is difficult to gather the accurate statistic of women who have been domestically violated by their husbands because of the nonchalance and silence that are attached to this ugly act, and it has eaten up lives of people, especially women. The recent aspect of this domestic violence in Nigeria is, acid bathing. In 1990, a former beauty queen who rejected her boyfriend was blinded by him with acid as he poses “let me see how any man will love you now”.

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The more the government agencies fold their arms, the greater this menace roots in the lives of Nigerians. The legislative enactments against this act should be very active and effective. Section 19(1) of the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015 which prohibits spousal battery provides thus: “Any person who batters his or her spouse commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 3 years or to a fine not exceeding 200 thousand Naira or both” this above provision should not only be stated for decorations but need to be effective too. The government should search all the nooks and crannies to fish out, Mgbodinma Samuel, the killer of Gloria, Onyedikachi Obinna, who is said to have disconnected every means of communication attached to him.

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The law further provides that, any attempt to commit the act of spousal battery attracts imprisonment not exceeding 1 year or a fine not exceeding 100 thousand Naira or both. Inducing one to commit the offence, also attracts a jail sentence not exceeding 2 years or a fine not exceeding 200 thousand Naira or both; the same is the case of a accessory, who helps another whole has committed spousal battery. Victimized spouses who are afraid of reporting should know that their identity are already protected under the Violence Against Persons (prohibited) Act (VAPP). The singles out there, who are hoping to get married someday should, know their partner very well, any character that does not suit you, should be raised and discussed, if not fairly discussed, it is never too late to run for your precious life. It is better to have an unfruitful relationship or courtship than having a bad or cracked marriage.
The government should come to the rescue of the disease’s father as he just recovered from coma and alleges for justice to be done. Mr. Mgbodinma Samuel, who is nowhere to be found should be declared WANTED, his family who are also nowhere to be found should also be declared WANTED. The government should take cognisance of this ugly act, show no mercy to the perpetrators until justice is brought to limelight, they said should know that, he who spares the guilty, punishes the innocent (Qui parcit nocentibus innocentes punit).

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Arondizuogu Youths Unite ( AYA, APF, NAAS).


signed by Mazi Vin Akamnonu ( Patron NAAS, AYA Aba Branch, Founder APF )








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