The Broken Woman: I’m only Human; By Blossom Obi |@Blossomobi3


Sharon ran aimlessly despite the desperate call from her husband Daniel. He was scared, she was on her second trimester that was why he didn’t want to tell her but he couldn’t just lie to her anymore.

Never had he seen her countenance like that, he wasn’t sure of where she was going and what she would do.

Sharon was light skinned and wore a straight face that showcased her pointed nose. She was the right size for a woman past her mid-twenties, with matching hips that gave her a curve that was good to look at.

Approaching a fenced building that was painted cream and maroon holding a black gate, she pushed the gate wide open and walked in as if she was the owner. She went straight to a flat on the floor and started pounding as she yelled.

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“Open the door, you slot, husband snatcher, that is how you go about sleeping with peoples husband”.

“Let me warn you” Sharon continued, “You better remove that bastard in your belly or I’ll beat it out of you”.


Chika was by the other side of the door as tears and sweat stained her face, the neighbours were already out as they also beckoned on her to open the door. She was scared and confused at the same time. She could hear the murmurs of the neighbours as some of them looked up to her in more ways than one.

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They had always thought her husband was abroad, not knowing that she was pregnant for her married ex, whose wife was then roaring like a lion that could spit fire like a dragon.

Quietly opening the door Sharon grabbed her immediately and began beating her as some neighbors tried to separate them.

“I would not be messed with”, Sharon said as she moved into the house got hold of the keys and began throwing Chika’s things out.

She locked the doors and went with the keys. Perplexed, hurt and battered, she called her parents and narrated everything to them over the phone. She went home didn’t talk to her husband as he knelt beside her begging, she yelled the more.

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“My parents are coming to take me”, she finally spoke. Daniel was hurt by her statement but that wasn’t important because the woman was carrying his child.

“I understand but please stay, I need you” he said staring so deeply at her as if he saw into her soul.

Sharon turned to look at him; “I don’t believe you’ll be this wicked. You’ve told me more than a thousand times that you don’t have anything with Chika, only for you to be telling me she’s pregnant for you. I don’t ever want to set my eyes on her ever again” she said.

“It’s a boy Sharon please, she’s carrying my son” Daniel pleaded but the look on her face read she didn’t care. So he nodded immediately, unsure of what she meant.

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Sharon uncovered a plot by Daniel to send Chika to Cape Town and blocked it. She would never have her husband spend a dime on Chika and the ‘bastard’ she was carrying, as she usually referred to the baby. But as smart as Daniel could be he found another way to send Chika to Accra where she would be far from the prying eyes.

After a surgery that almost damaged her spinal cord, Sharon put to bed and was bed ridden for a while, with only her parents left to take care of her and the baby.

Chika wasn’t as comfortable as she was supposed to be in Accra. She often found herself lacking basic things she had in abundance while in the apartment Daniel rented for her in Nigeria. She managed till she delivered and found communication with Daniel reduced due to Sharon’s interference

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Things were never the same for Daniel and Sharon after getting back together. While Daniel got used to being by himself like the bachelor he used to be, Sharon would always tell herself “It’s not a big deal I can cope”.

Confusing himself with the two and flowing with the wind, because he now desired others than his wife, Daniel lived with his wife until she finally became a ghost of herself and that was when she realized her limit.

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They just knew that staying together, when one party felt the other was either limiting them or bringing nothing more than sadness. Which in turn held no future for them.

Sometimes we feel so certain that we have it better than others until things begin to spiral out of control and that’s when we start seeking a way out. We often forget that our mental state is the most important aspect of our lives. What threatens it threatens your existence. So don’t go chasing shadows because you are your own warrior.

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