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   By Nwamkpa Modestus

Let me start this essay, the first for the year by saluting numerous of my fans and believers in my gospel via this medium. I send you all good tidings and wish you all a prosperous new year. I thank God that we all made it this year hale and hearty in spite of the challenges of 2016. Arguably, last year was the most difficult year to my people and many families in Nigeria. The country was afflicted with many economic and political challenges or sicknesses. But top on the list of the challenges was the recession which had with it many traumatizing and hardship packages. Workers and pensioners, I am sure will not forget last year in a hurry. Prices of goods and services including foodstuff went up astronomically almost beyond the reach of many people. Transportation cost became too high. Dollar exchange to naira soared over the roof. Generally, there were cries, complaints, lamentations, anger and frustrations in the land.

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  However, in all of these, we were and still are happy that God was and still is our helper. HE saw us through all the man induced tribulations to the point that we marched on top of serpents and scorpions and still came out unhurt. It was not by our might nor by our strength but only by God’s abiding mercy that we saw the back of 2016 and came into 2017. The bible said that “by strength shall no man prevail’  So all the glory, majesty, praises and adoration be ascribed to God almighty and only to him alone shall we return them to in Jesus name Amen.

  Now back to my prophesy and prayers, please do not fall into the temptation of trying to enquire about my spiritual qualification to give out prophesy. Please leave that for God. Again, do not ask me whether I am a Pastor, Evangelist, Apostle, Prophet, Priest, Rabi or any of the prefixes attached to so many ‘men of God’. Also, don’t bother asking about my denomination for it is not necessary. All you need to do is to believe for the hallmarks of Christianity are belief, faith and trust. Pray and believe, have faith in God and trust God’s ability to do all things.

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 You know that many Pastors and Prophets merely work on people’ psyche and apply human psychology to give prophesy. Mine is different. They normally prophesy based on the directional thinking of the people. They prophesy things that must happen and when it does happen, their adherents would claim that it was prophesied by this or that Pastor or Prophet. For instance, how can somebody prophesy that a prominent politician will die when already death is something that must occur and there is every likelihood that a politician who is ‘prominent’ must die. But what these prophets do not do is to prophesy the actual person, the date, time, place, village or circumstance that the person will die or even the sickness that will kill the person. These are just mere psychology and yet you see some ignoramuses clapping for such voodoo prophesies.   We will all recall that during the last US Presidential election, a certain Prophet in this Country did prophesy that Hilary Clinton would win two weeks to the election when he probably had seen that the pendulum was swinging towards the woman yet the election went the other way- human psychology.


   Now let me release my 2017 prophesy. I prophesy that in this 2017, the economy will get a bit better and a bag of rice will sell below twenty thousand naira. Please shout a big Halleluiah. Also, in this year, many of my fans and those who constantly read my Column will build houses and buy Cars. Many of them shall have full command of cash to the point that they would start looking for what they will do with the enormous money in their possession. All their past lost glories shall be restored this year. Halleluiah somebody!

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    Again, In Imo state, I prophesy that there shall be disintegration of political camps and new ones shall be formed. Leaders shall fall and new leaders shall rise.  Lands that were forcefully taken away from their owners through the instrumentality of power shall be regained. Pensioners and workers shall pray and cry and haven will hear their cries and grant for them whatever they desired.

   In this year, I have the authority of God to announce that the first five persons that will read this message will get a contract that will turn his fortune and that of his family around for the better. Yes Yes Yes, I prophesy that Imo people shall start from this year to accept the 2019 Governorship aspiration of somebody close to me irrespective of the party and that nobody reading this message shall doubt it as Haven will arrest the minds and thoughts of the person. Again, nobody born of a woman shall have the powers to thwart the fulfillment of this prophesy in Jesus most failing name Amen.


  Please, not done yet, I prophesy and it is decreed that 2017 shall witness a positive turn around in the state and in the country. All those who hitherto are doubtful shall receive Hope. Those who are helpless shall receive help from above, those who are denied shall be recognized and those who are sick shall receive miraculous healing. Oh yes, I can see thing turning around for your good and all you need to do to hook into this prophesy is just to believe and trust in God. Don’t question my spiritual status  else the lord said that you will be disconnected from this prophesy.

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  Please it is at this point that I shall rise up as I have been kneeling down since I started giving out this prophesy. Until next when I come your way again, please do remember that we are still Apostles at the altar of God. We are committed to Truth and it si only the same Truth that will continue to set us free.

Truthfully Yours, Nwamkpa Modestus


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