I still have many years to go on stage – Dancer Queency


A forefront female dancer in Imo State Queency, has revealed that she still has more things to offer in the industry against conclusion by many that she is packing up to quit.
Queency who is mostly known as a solo dancer said she is presently enjoying herself in the business adding that she was never forced to become a dancer.


She said, “Dancing is something I love doing, and while I have gone commercial with it, I enjoy myself while doing it.
I have gone places and met people through this. I wouldn’t have gone that far if I am nowhere near good.
It gets challenging at times because every crowd has what they want and if you fail to give it to them, they’ll tag you a bad dancer”
She however agreed that dancing is changing from what it used to be to something else, stating that she does not dictate what the fans get, but the fans or event organizers do.
“Sometimes it’s the trend, they demand according to trend and at times the event organizers will tell you what they want and if you accept the job, you will be ready to do their biddings.
“Because of this, especially when I have to put up with the erotic moves, it doesn’t mean I have forgotten how to dance and it doesn’t mean I am tired or finished in the industry but it is just the job for the day.
I am aware that ladies don’t really last as dancers, but I am so sure that I still have many years to go on stage and I don’t see anything stopping me” she added.

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