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Ihedioha vs Araraume: How Imo PDP is still being PDP

by OtownGist

Before now, everyone has been applauding Imo State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] for the high level of internal democracy they have exhibited and somehow, Imolites hoped the change they desperately desired had come to the largest party in Africa.
Although States like Abia will not be included in this case study but as Imolites, we have learnt to mind our business, and if our business can be good, we can then have time to tell others what to do.

PDP has always been a template for political parties in Nigeria until the emergence of All Progressives Congress [APC] which I still consider the best thing that has ever happened to Nigerian Politics in recent times.
The emergence of APC means another party with strong structure all over the country can compete with PDP for who stays in Aso Rock from 2015 to 2019. It also means that for ones, Nigerians can say that we have a National opposition party unlike the funny punches the likes of APGA and ACN, have been throwing in the last elections.
Take sentiment away, you will know that this is the only time a president of this country is actually worried that he would be losing an election. This is the first time Nigeria will be close to a perfect democracy and this will also be the first time everything will come close to being normal for us. This will only be if we don’t blow it.
Coming back to Imo State, PDP looked like they were starting on a fine note until gubernatorial aspirants started accusing each other of attempting to hijack the delegate list and even when there were claims that former Governor Sir Ikedi Ohakim succeeded in doing this with the help of Sen. Hope Uzodinma, the result of Monday primary election proved otherwise.
So far, Chief Ohakim has been silenced and there is no case left for him to answer. A certain artiste wrote on facebook that if Ohakim can score 2’13 in 2’14 [2013 in 2014], it means he has been pushed to history and his political career is over. I doubt this because that man believes he has the DNA of Abraham Lincoln.
Is Imo PDP really the PDP we used to know where candidates emerge without election? This is the case of the Monday primaries which announced Hon. Emeka Ihedioha as winner. I wouldn’t say declared yet because there are few games that were played after that.

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Why wasn’t the result sheet signed?
Who was supposed to sign that document and why didn’t the person sign it. It is simply clear that an unsigned document is as good as a void document and one will begin to wonder if this is actually a game to knock off Hon. Ihedioha from the race after lifting his spirit that he has won.
What if the person comes back to say, “I forgot to sign it on Monday and I want to sign it today, will that still make Ihedioha the winner? And what if that paper can never be signed again, would that make the primary elections void after it was alleged that about N7Billion was spent to organize it.

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Wrong Calculation by the electoral panel
No one is actually asking this, but what if the wrong calculation was not just a mistake but a deliberate act to make the primaries void. What if there is another plan we all are yet to know, and what if this plan is something bigger than what we are seeing.
In the first place, the result was not signed and in the second place, the result was wrong. It simply means there was no result at all because an unsigned document can never be right or wrong; it simply does not exist.
What if the wrong calculation was a manipulation to favour a certain aspirant and why didn’t any of the delegates, press or observers notice this error until Sen. Araraume and his team spotted it? Does this make Sen. Araraume a genius or the master planner?

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Who is Sen. Araraume?
The only thing that needs to be said about Sen. Araraume is that he has never lost any primary election, he won it in 2008 when Chief Achike Udenwa and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo did their political abracadabra to deny him the ticket. In 2011 when he realized that Ohakim would never let a proper primary election take place in PDP, he moved over to ACN and won the same ticket there.
Should Sen. Araraume still be who he is, it means he would holding that ticket come 2015 especially with the fact he has the backing of Governor T. A Orji of Abia State who is his in-law.  Going by the character of Gov. Orji who always gets what he wants politically especially in PDP, this might be possible, although it still looks complicated because he is in Abia State and this Imo State.

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The miscalculation
Number of Accredited delegates: 1064
Number of votes cast: 1017
Number of valid votes: 1006
Number of void votes: 11
Total Votes by other aspirants except Ihedioha: 681
Votes by Hon. Ihedioha: 346
Total Votes: 1027
This is a fascinating chart because everyone would be thinking Hon. Ihedioha would be the one who stole all the votes.  What if we have this?
 Number of Accredited delegates: 1064
Number of votes cast: 1017
Number of valid votes: 1006
Number of void votes: 11
Total Votes by other aspirants except Araraume: 691
Votes by Araraume: 336
Total Votes: 1027
This will simply make Araraume look like the culprit and this is what we all should be looking because we might end up not seeing anything if we keep looking at only Hon. Ihedioha alone.
The committee can also look at Chief Ikedi Ohakim even though he has just 213 votes on the third place.
Is it possible for one detect whom the abstracts votes were counted for? Maybe there is a way and the next thing would be if this way would validate the result when it has become clear that it was never signed because someone already knew the result would never be correct.

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APC Guber Primaries
No one has for ones thought that the PDP could be playing their own game waiting for the outcome of APC Guber primaries.
Just like the story that the son-in-law to the governor, Hon. Uche Nwosu is presently holding the ticket at the moment even when another report has it that the primaries was postponed, what if PDP is waiting to see whom they would be running against in 2015 election in Imo state.
Can Uche Nwosu defeat, Hon. Ihedioha with his reputations as the deputy speaker of the Federal House of Representatives? I have my doubts. Should APC field Nwosu I have a feeling that it would be a landslide victory for Hon. Ihedioha and in this case, Ihedioha is good to be the flag bearer of the party.
Should Gov. Okrocha return to the state, to take back his ticket, Araraume would be the only match for him on the pack of aspirants PDP has sold their guber forms to.
Could this be that Imo PDP is being the PDP we all know? Could it be that they are playing the same waiting game APC is playing in Imo State or could it be that someone is trying to manipulate the outcome of the guber primaries in Imo PDP.
Who would that be? An aspirant, external influence or the presidency?
While we wait on time to tell, we pray that God save Imo State.


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