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She is still praying over my proposal

by OtownGist

Bro. Fuston,
Happy New Near. I have been finding it uneasy to say it out, but I have to do so because I need your advice.
I have someone I intend to marry. We have known each other for some years now. Last year Easter, I proposed to her, but her response was that she will pray over it, and till date, she is praying over my proposal, meanwhile we are communicating effectively.

She has made me to know that we are two coming for her hand in marriage and that she is confused of whom to choose between the two of us. I have severally asked to know her response, but each time she tells me, she is praying.
What do I do in this situation?

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My dear,
I also wish you a happy New Year. Unfortunately, you did not state your name and the place you sent your mail from. You should have at least given your first name.
I don’t usually publish telephone numbers for some security reasons else, I would have published yours.
In addressing your question, I must start by telling you that patience is an admirable trait, those that imbibe this virtue are often distinguished in all that they do.
You may have heard of the dictum “The patient dog eats the fattest bone”. This saying is as real as the eyes being the light of the body.
My advice is that, if you indeed cherish the qualities or character of this lady in question, then, wait for her to pray. If she is like a treasure to you, then, I once again implore you to be  patient, because you will value her more when you didn’t pick her on a platter of gold.
Jacob in the Bible waited patiently in servitude the first seven years and another seven years, making it 14 years before Rachael was given to him in marriage.
Easter this year will make it one year of your waiting patiently, don’t think you have waited long.
I am happy that you two are still in effective communication, this is very vital and in your wisdom, you will be able to know how much this lady loves you through your interactions with her. She also maybe testing your resolve by insisting that she is praying.
On the issue of having another guy who also desires to marry her, I think that should not deter you, you are not the only guy with eyes to behold good things.
You should not be a coward, especially now that it appears to be like a contest. Push on like a real man. Ladies love men who comport themselves well, don’t fight dirty, don’t even confront the other guy or try to compare yourself with him; it’s not important here. Your focus is the treasure you are going for; maintain that gaze.
If indeed you discover that she has an element of love for you, then she is your very potential wife, try and make her smile at every meeting or conversation with you. Keep the line of communication open and again, I advise you to patiently wait.
Also pray because in this issue, it is not only given to the woman to pray.
Have a wonderful weekend.


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