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LMG dreams big for 2014

by OtownGist


Rapper LMG is ready to shake off the ups and downs of 2013 to move ahead in 2014.
The rapper who till the end of 2013 was caught in the web of controversies more than every other artiste in the state is hoping to move with his career after redeeming himself with the hit single ‘One bottle’ where he featured RuffCoin.

LMG said 2013 was a good year even though everything did not go right, but 2014 is another opportunity to do things right.
“You don’t get opportunity to right your wrongs every day, only God can give you that. There were decisions that didn’t go according to plan last year, but 2014 is not year and we have to keep pushing it.
Last year I did things I’ve never done before which is why I got elevated.
This year, I’ll be taking more steps to better my life as an artiste and as an individual.”
Against the views of many that his track ‘One bottle’ was a ceremonial track and the time for it has gone, LMG disagreed saying that the promotion continues.
“The song has gone beyond the state and country but we are still pushing it to the tightest joints in the country.
‘One bottle’ is an everyday song because every now and then we sit down as friends and enjoy the bottles which comes one by one. I think people will be enjoying ‘one bottle’ till my grand children get married” He added.


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