No one would ever say the best of the best in anything he does will come on Monday when there are six more days to improve on before the next week comes.  Deejay Saquo took that bold step to tag the 9th edition of Star Nite ‘The Best of the Best’.


The event which will be coming alive for the 9th consecutive month has Marvelous Benji, Posh Kayiana, Seaflo, Rydas, Icz Money, Harmony, Collenchy, Skutch, Xp Joe, Vivada and Profingas as artistes to perform.
Former Kennis Music’s artiste, Marvelous Benji and Imo State born Posh Kayiana are guests for the event while Harmony who missed out on the first edition returns to the list.
Vivada, Profingas and Seaflo who performed at the first edition of the event return to list for the first time artistes are being officially listed to perform in two different editions.
Comedians Mc Egbiegwe, Mc Chuks, Mc flames and Mc Jonky  who are among the bests in the state mark their return as well, with Chuks and Jonky still fresh at the event after acting as backup dancers for Yemi Alade at the 8th edition.
Baby Kira, Sample, Mr Lecturer and Queency are dancers on the list. With Queency as the only one who has tasted the stage at the event, there is so much quality on the list of dancers that half of their efforts will never be a disappointment.
DJs Emmz, DY and Sly are on the steel wheels, while Zanders FM presenter and comedian, MC Ominimini steps in as the anchor man, a role he also played at the first edition.
The list might not actually be the best the event will ever see, but tagging it ‘The best of the best’ is a visionary concept.
Marvelous Benji will bring in experience from the past, while Porsh Kayiana will rely on home advantage as well the fame brought by the success of her single with Duncan Mighty, ‘Blackberry’ to impress the crowd.
If Harmony goes on stage she would be looking up to the  days of ‘Good loving’ and ‘Kokodiko’ to show the crowd her new stuffs, while actress Uche Elendu’s brother,  Skutch will not miss a second of his smashing hit, ‘Ebonge’.
October 25, 2013 is the day, while Valencia Lounge Owerri, Imo State is the venue.
Red Carpet anchored by Zanders FM dou, Jegz B and Princessa kicks off by 7:30pm, while the main event starts by 9:00pm.

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