On a certain day, a young man Akpos was broke and the only money he had with him was N100 alongside, N1455 whicht was left in his account.
Happily Akpos decided to use his last two lifelines by using the N100 to transport himself to the bank so that he can withdraw the last N1000 which an ATM machine can allow him take.


Few poles to the bank, he received a text message and as an angry and hungry man, he refused to read it.
On a second thought, Akpos opened the sms and saw it was a debit alert of N1000, meaning someone has withdrawn the N1000 before him.
He refused to read further and instantly searched his pocked and found his ATM.
“How can someone withdraw my money without my ATM card? this bank people must hear it today oh” He shouted in the Keke that was taking him to the bank.
He jumped down from the keke, paid with his last N100, walked into the banking hall and started shouting at the customer care officer.
Trust customer care na… the lady smiled and what Akpos was seeing around her chest made him calm down a little and she said “Sir may I see the sms you received please?”
Akpos quickly threw his Nokia touch light phone at the lady. After looking at the message carefully, she said “Sir we are sorry about this, but the N1000, was withdrawn to produce a new ATM card for you because the one you have will be expiring in two weeks time”
…Akpos had to trek home that day, thanks to burial ceremony in his street, he ate twice.

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