CEO Star Nite and DJ extraordinaire, Deejay Saquo in a recent interview with O’town Gist’s Rosie Young talks about his life, the birth of Star Nite, relationship with girls as well as list of best rappers in Nigeria


I am Sunkanmi Akanji Ogini aka Deejay Saquo. I’m from Osun State but I’ve lived most of my life in Lagos State where I did my primary and secondary school.
How come the name Deejay Saquo?
I am a DJ and the Saquo is gotten from the initials of my names SAKO but then I modernized it to Saquo
What brought you down to the east?
I came down here in pursuit of education. I gained admission into Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), nothing else brought me down to the east.
Course of study and year of graduation
I actually dropped out of school due to financial crisis. I lost my parents while I was in school and when I couldn’t foot the bills for myself and my siblings, I had to step down for them to continue. But I later went to NIIT to study Computer Engineering/Maintenance where I did Microsoft Certified courses.
Returning to Lagos or Osun State?
No plans of going to Osun State but Lagos, yes. You know there is this belief that big things are happening there, so I might just go but will still return to Owerri because I enjoy staying here.
How long have you been here?
About 10 to 11 years.
The DJ life
Being a DJ is a very tedious job and it has been wonderful for me so far.
I have played in so many places like Kanalz Nite Club in Kaduna, ALounge Wuse 11 Abuja, Eko 89.75 FM Lagos. And right now, I play for Valencia Lounge, Hot 99,5 FM Owerri, Orient 94.4 FM Owerri, Pretoria City Hotel World Bank and so many other places.
The challenges
Yes, there have been challenges, but I deal with them and God has been so God.
I have lots of girlfriends and they are also my fans…
Any special one?
There is no special one for now, though I’m working on it. You know one needs to take time before going into a serious relationship to avoid mistakes. So I’m taking my time. I am single but not searching.
Do you take girls home from the club sometimes?
I don’t have anything to do with any club girl, the only girl I keep myself busy with at night is my turntable and it has been giving birth to huge success for me.
Star Nite
 I am not just one of the organizers of Star Nite. I am the CEO of  the brand and I have my team.
The beginning of Star Nite
I decided to put up Star Nite as my way of giving back to Owerri, a city I have found joy in.
What is Star Nite about?
It’s a version of Industry Nite where artistes hang out once in a month and here we chose every last Friday of the month. It is also a platform for upcoming artistes to showcase themselves for our community and the world at large.
How old is Star Nite?
This October will mark the 9th edition. We’ve had eight editions so far since February.
This looks big for just one man; do you have support from individuals or firms?
Right now the support I’m getting is basically from media outfits who help publicizing the event on radio, TV, newspapers and internet.
Valencia Lounge has been supportive too. They provide the venue. But financially, I am doing it alone for now; there has been no financial support from any individual, group of people, or firm.
Why some members of the team left
Nothing! Two children cannot play together for 20 years. Let me say some are getting too busy. Some expected to be paid very well and when the money isn’t coming they will leave. For the new people that joined the team, I’m sure they know what they want. 

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How do you see entertainment industry here?
Owerri is fast rising when it comes to entertainment. I remember when I first came here; you barely see where to buy CD. But look now.  Songs are dropping from Owerri every week.
Muisc is really growing here because there are lots of talented artistes in the city.
Opinion on the plenty rappers’ lists
I really don’t have much to say about people making list but then why wake up and decide to make a list of best rappers on your own. I believe the masses, those that listen to these artistes are in the position to decide. There should have been a room for people’s opinion.