Ahead of the release of his new single which has been scheduled for October 1, 2013, the same day Nigerians and the bulk of her politicians will be celebrating the 53rd year of independence from the British colonial masters, rapper Aifee has spoken out on why he chose to attack politicians with the single.


The single which is titled Maye, (message to the government), is a direct attack on Nigeria politicians and Aifee said he had to do the song because people who are in better position to do it proffered  to dodance hall.
“I released the song because of the people’s outcry against the government for their lies and deceits in this underdeveloped nation.
I did it to clear my conscience. I did it for the people suffering while the politicians live large, forgetting the masses.  I did it because truth cannot be hidden and someone has to say it.
Artistes like Wizkid, Iceprince etc could have done it better than me, but they won’t use their status for it. They confuse people by singing dance hall for them to forget the sorrows” He said.
He however stood his ground by saying that even if a huge amount of money is offered to him to stop the release the song, he would never yield to such.
“If a politician calls me up to take money and kill this song, I won’t care about his money because all I want is change and if he doesn’t try to change, he will be criticized as well” he added.
Maye is expected to make mockery of the luxury spent on Independence Day celebration at the expense of the tax payers.
The single will be released on October 1st and the heat so far is too much ahead of the release of the song.

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