Rappers duo D-Packsy are warming up for the release of their 4th single ‘Psychiatric’.
The Mbaise born rappers are looking at making a big mark in the fast rising ‘street rap genre’ which has elevated the likes of Phyno and Olamide in the Nigeria music industry.


D-Packsy who had previously release three singles of which one of them was a mixtape, spoke to www.otowngist.com through one of the members Kisqo, saying that they are coming out in a different way to make a mark.
“One just has to be doing big things to survive in an industry with lots of creative minds and opportunists. The best are not always on top, but the people that played their card well.
It’s just like in football, the best players in the country might be roaming the streets without a club, while some others who are not as good as they are wear the country’s colours and fumble.
We have repackaged  and soon, we will be hitting the streets with exactly what they need”
He however added that unlike the usual thinking that most rising artistes are opportunists who records with free studio sessions and end up making noise because they have a song or more, they are not in that category.
“We have never been opportunists, we love music and we are ready to go extra mile to make it in music. We know how good we are and always want to improve everyday just like every artiste. But we can never be referred to as opportunists because we have never traded in that path” He added. 
D-Packsy has Kisqo and Pacific in the group and both have enjoyed a good relationship, hoping to make it big like other duos in the county.
‘Psychiatric’ will be up online for free download on August 23, 2013 from music/entertainment blogs around the country.

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