Recently it became clear to the residents of Owerri that two ladies are sharing the same name in the same industry.
The name Princessa was much hyped for the singer who recently released the video and audio of her debut single ‘dance for me’, while unknown to another section of entertainment fans in the state, there had been another Princessa, a radio presenter with Zanders FM, Owerri.

In the last edition of Deejay Saquo’s Star Nite, Princessa, the Okwonga Lady as she is fondly called by her listeners, was never worried if she was sharing her name with anyone.
In her words, the queen of pigeon English said “E no matter if two us de bear the same name, as long as we no de do the same thing.
She de sing and me sef na ekwurekwo I de do for radio station. E for be wahala if two of us de do the same thing, but as na different things we de do, I no get single wahala with the other Princessa”
Princessa, the singer on the other hand said she was never aware of having a double until she saw a publication online concerning a certain Princessa and Jegz B.
She however added that it is not a problem for her until anything happens that will make it look like their identities are clashing.
With the way things are going, Star Nite still remains the first place both ladies would be meeting face to face, especially on any edition the singer will be listed on the performance list.
This will happen only when the radio presenter still retains her spot as the anchor lady on the red carpet of the event.

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