Osun State born rapper, Ajadi Oluwaseyi Hakeen who goes by Lastgidi on stage has declared that he is not stopping until he is the next headline trending in Nigeria music industry.

Lastgidi, an undergraduate of University of Abuja spoke to www.otowngist.com on a phone interview, saying that he understands that it is not easy for a young undergraduate who is still under his parents to succeed in music having in mind that attending to the demanding nature of music would make the him skip classes and in most cases disobey his parents, especially when they do not approve of him doing music.
“Music is time consuming because you have to write and rehearse your songs while others are busy with their books in school.
In as much as I want to do music to the highest level, I still want to be very educated, pass my exams very well and graduate with good grades.
It is not easy to combine music with anything and haveboth going well, but I know it a cross I’ve made up my mind to carry and God will give me the grace to do it”
So far, Lastgidi has  two singles, ‘Binu’ and ‘down on the line’ which were unofficially release online this year and he is hoping to release the tracks again to see that they don’t just be on one website, but on plenty.
“Sometimes you do things without consultation because you are young and you want to get it out there and start making waves. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t, meaning one would still have to go back and do it the right way.
I know the songs are good and I would be releasing both the same day, not because I want to pour everything out there all at once, but because the promotion starts with both of them” He added.
He however chose Friday, August 9, 2013 for the officially release of the song, urging everyone to keep tabs with their favourite music blogs for the songs.

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