It was obvious that rapper LMG who was publicizing the release of the single ‘Ishi ole’, a cover for Sean Tizzle’s ‘Sho lee’ has changed his mind on the song which he even changed his twitter name to its title.


The change of mind came just weeks after he cancelled the release of yet another cover, Dimitte’ (T.I Trap Back Cover) where singer Floxy was about being the first female artiste to sing alongside the producer cum rapper.
Unlike Dimitte’, LMG only changed his mind on the title of the song by renaming it to ‘Skodo’ and this change of name came after the fast rising group, H2O, which has Suspense and Nani in it released a single titled ‘Ishi ole’ on the same beat LMG was working on, meaning that if he had not done anything, it would have been a case of two songs with same title by different artistes.
This would have been seen as serious proliferation by the watching eyes of neighbouring cities who are keeping tabs with the recent revolution in the city.
Sources close to the rapper have it that LMG who is a very good friend of the duo in H2O got the beat from them and also gave them a shout out in his own version of the song, which is why the whole thing did not make a controversial headline.
As people were thinking that LMG will cancel the release the of the song just as he did to ‘Dimitte’, the rapper has gone ahead to say that the new title ‘Skodo’ will be dropping on the 25th of July.
It is not too late for LMG to change his mind totally, the whole city awaits the release of the song and will always be there to a compare both tracks.