While counting duos who have made it in the music industry, one will surely have a name like PSquare in their mind, because they have outlived what majority considered as their lifespan together, when it is obvious that groups are breaking up daily.


Emanating from the city of Owerri are duos like De Dukes and twin brothers, Da Otikas until now that top producer Suspense Babani teamed up with singer Nani Bars to form the group H2O which has already released two hit singles ‘jogolo’ and ‘shi ole’.
Suspense who recently made a headline after a row with fellow producer Yung Roc for removing his signature from a beat made for singer G-Tims in his recently released single ‘Party Lessson’ runs the crew alongside Nani who has also made it to the hit list.
With ‘jogolo’ and ‘shi ole’, H20 are set to take over the city and the entire nation and their qualities  show they have what it takes to reach anywhere they can push through to.
Suspense who is also a singer teaming up with fellow singer means they are moving to greater height with his production prowess as a backup to see that nothing but good music will be released by the duo.
The group is set for tours around the nation to see that their singles ‘jogolo’ and ‘shi ole’ get to every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

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