Dear Bro Fuston,
I live at Nekede Old Road in Owerri, Imo State and I have been a regular reader of your column in Nigeria Newspoint.
I am an only son, my parents have been disturbing me to marry so that I can have my own children and therefore keep our lineage moving.
It has not been easy for me, a 26-year-old graduate to make enough funds to accomplish this much needed responsibility but my mother has refused to see this challenge.


The pressure is becoming too much on me and I have accepted to do their wish. Another hurdle now is that of all the girls I know as potential wives, one stand out in morals, but her breasts are small.
I noticed that she uses foam bra to make it appear proportionate to her body.
She is facially beautiful, intelligent and has a very good upbringing but I don’t like her small breasts.
Again, I wonder if she would be able to have children and properly breast-feed them. Remember I told you I am an only son and would love to have children that can also double as my brothers and sisters.
Apart from this worry, I am comfortable in her arms, and I know also that she will never hesitate to agree to be my wife if I ask her to.
I need a dispassionate advice on this regard and that was why I decided to reach you.
Joe in Nekede Old Road, Owerri.

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Dear Joe,
I thank you for seeing the need to write in. One simple truth you must bear in mind is that no one person possesses all the wonderful qualities in the world.
Character, they say, is the beauty of a woman and you have confessed that the lady is of good behaviour, therefore in the eyes of right-thinking people, she has met the most important requirement.
I have not heard any medical expert nor read from any medical book that girls with small breasts cannot breastfeed adequately.
If a lady’s menstrual cycle functions normally and the lady is healthy all over, small breasts will not stop her from breast-feeding her infants.
This idea of big and small breasts is a sexual stereotype noticed in male-dominated society. You can re-condition your mind to start loving this good girl the way she is. See beyond her breasts. Since you have decided to marry, go ahead. Financial constraint can be conquered if only you believe and work towards your dream.
Do not let insignificant things take you away from weightier matters. Let me stop so far.
Have a nice weekend.