Lagos State born singer, Nasir Ayinde Adeyeri popularly known as Nash is relishing the good moments Saturday would be bringing to his life when what would be considered as the debut single for the second generation of his musical career would be dropping.


Nash who initially took an unplanned break from music because of the unserious attitude of his former record label is set to make a comeback with the single ‘Waka’.
“My other singles ‘Burukutu’ and ‘Walai talai’ moved to an extent, until it seemed like nothing but time was moving in my life.
The people around me no longer shared the same dreams with me causing us to remain at a spot for a very long time.” He said.
His return was prompted by the fact he always wanted to do his thing even without a label, adding that he is sure of his quality.
“I know that sometimes it’s not only about the artiste, the producer also has a hand in it but when a good producer is working with a great artiste, something great is always the outcome.
WAKA is freestyle and the fact that I’ve always wanted to do something different gave rise to the song.
I see it as a great song, but the public will surely have the final say” Nash added.
Against all huddles, ‘WAKA’ will be premiering via the internet and radio stations on Saturday June 29 2013, a day Nash said he cannot wait to see.

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