A look at the things that happened this time last, precisely the month of May 2012.
It was a very active month for the entertainment industry in Imo State with birthdays, anniversaries, quarrels and release of singles involving artistes who have moved to heights greater than where they were last year.


Kelly Hansome and Mr Star Face: Beef
This beef story actually started the month, when Mr Star Face in a song alleged that Kelly Hansome once did painting for a living.
It was later gathered that Kelly Hansome beat up Mr Star Face saying that Mr Star Face who has  close resemblance with him, often claims to be him (Kelly Hansome), using that to sweep girls off their feet.
The harassment prompted Mr Star Face to do the song. Although the beef later died, marks left online are never wiped out.
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Beef between Kelly Hansome and Mr Starface: Did Kelly Hansome ever paint for a living?

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Yung Roc: Morhymes City Records clocks 5
Last year, recording outfit, Morhymes City Records clocked five years of active music production with the CEO, Yung Roc using the opportunity to sue for peace and unity among artistes in Imo State entertainment industry.
There he also called for artistes to have an active organization that will protect their interest, be it PMAN or any other.
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Bonejoint: Birthday Celebration.
14th of May saw the first public birthday celebration by music producer and CEO of Agile Records, Bonejoint who now has gospel singer Joyce in his label. He has surely added another year this year.
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Happy Birthday Bonejoint


Cyphatyte: Birthday celebration and engagement
It was tagged ‘Double blessing: Birthday and engagement for Cyphatyte’, when singer and former member of hit making duo Big Chance & Cyphatyte, took advantage of his birthday to engage his girlfriend, Goodness who confessed she had known the singer for six months as at that time.
The union which the love birds promised not to end at engagement level has produced a kid.
They are now three in the house preparing for the babies first birthday celebration if my calculations are right.
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Double blessing: Birthday and engagement for Cyphatyte

Acharaman: Released single
Acharaman is looking up to the magic of his last year’s birthday when his single ‘Sheriko’ went wild to become a hit.
To copy that success, he is looking at dropping a new single ‘Form a circle’ come May 30, 2013 which is his birthday.
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Acharaman plans birthday with two hit singles