For everyone reading this,
You used to be what you never knew,
Forced to read, made to pass,
Begged to stopped, spanked to cry,
Look what we used to do.

What’s the future after being kids?
Our leaders are still leading,
Our mothers are still giving birth,
With hope we say, “The future is bright”
Yet ‘Future Hotels’ has few rooms.


Did you see the cue of leaders?
So long, as long as they don’t leave office,
We were to lead tomorrow,
A little trick unknown to any of us,
Even old calendars don’t have ‘tomorrow’

A girl dreams to marry the president at 30,
But he is always above 60,
Her dreams are 30 years after,
Yet she’s still on her aging bed, a party for termites,
Hope it’s not her burials, before she wakes.

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Look who we used to be,
A good country is a well paid daddy,
A good cook mummy means a happy home.
We never looked beyond network news,
We were fast asleep before it ends.

For the child we used to be,
The swings gave us comfort,
Learning lessons without Nollywood,
Learnt letters without TV,
Yet we made superstars.


For the kids that live today,
Both old and young who act as well,
Our child’s in danger, future is lost,
We need the chance to make a change.
Not on children’s day, but every day.
To make them better than ‘the child we used to be’

Dedicated to all children and those who behave as well on the occasion of 2013 Children’s Day

By Chinedu Hardy Nwadike
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