Singer Kozy has probably bitten off more than he can chew after the rumour of him impregnating a secondary school girl went viral on the internet and entertainment pages of newspapers.


Kozy who is billed to release his debut single ‘Shiver’ on June 1, 2013, revealed to that the rumour has cost him the trust of his family and recently his girlfriend left on the account that he is an infidel.
Kozy who confessed that the outcome of the story has changed his life, said he never new people would take it so serious because he was so sure there was no way he could do such a thing.
“At first when I saw the news, I felt it was an ordinary thing until my parents asked me about it. I told them I knew nothing about it and when I thought I had finished with them my girlfriend started investigating me. When she found nothing, she still insisted the romour was true with the argument leading to her leaving me.
She should have been here with me through this time, but I surely hope that I’ll get her back by June when my single drops.” He said.
Kozy who also has his younger sister Floxy doing music will be performing at Star Nite on Friday May 31, 2013 a day before ‘Shiver’ is finally released to the public via the internet.
He is hoping that the success the song will record on the day of its release will help him lure his departed girlfriend back to the relationship which he described as ‘the backbone of his living’.
He ended by saying “I love her so much and will do everything to have her back. If she changes her mind before June, better; else I would be making the great move to get her back when the single finally drops by 1st of June”