In a recent chat with the seasoned, humble and gentle Akabo Ikeduru born bongo Artiste, Mr. Chima Eke, (a.k.a shama melody), the popular artiste who produced the home brand. Bongo Music, shama melody motor mixture bared his mind on entertainment-related issues and relationship with Imo State government of Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha, Excerpts.


As indigene of Ikeduru in Imo State and artiste, tell us where Bongo will be in the next five years.
Bongo music has come to stay in Imo State and beyond. The whole world had accepted it. Even in the internet, you will see bongo and their music.
Yes, come to think of it, in the East and especially in Owerri, bongo music is very popular. Is it an Indigenous or cultural music?
It is an indigenous music, it is being done and produced by the people of Owerri and environs. It is not a music you dance naked, when you play it, everybody around will appreciate its meaning. Every Nigerian has come to realize what bongo music is all about to the people of the East. Everyone now enjoys bongo music. What a pleasant surprise.
How come you are very gentle?
Well a gentleman is’ a gentle man, how I live my life, work, walk, talk and in all other things. My gentleness started when I was a child. I was brought up by humble and responsible Christian parents who imbibed in me my gentle qualities. I don’t go about and carry myself up as a star. I easily associate all people I come across.
I understand you are married?
Yes of course with kids.
Do your profession give you time to take good care of your wife and your children?
Yes, I carve out time to take and spend some time with my family, my lovely wife, children and other responsibilities.    
Do you love your wife so much that made you create a track especially for her praise. What is she to you?
I know my wife is everything to me. She is supportive in all I do. It is not every woman that will understand the kind of work I do, travel out and come back, go to hotels, sometimes stay up to weeks in the name of composing Songs. She does not bother so, wouldn’t I give her honour and praise? We talk over our issues in the bedroom.
How is your relationship with other bongo artistes?
I don’t have any problem with any of them. I believe in what I can do for myself, I don’t brag like some of them do, I am down-to-earth, sincere and humble.
The Imo State Government under His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, most of the times engage you in many of its functions and shows. How come?
Well it is because of my gentility and the way I present myself. They don’t see me as a stubborn person, but as somebody who is down to earth. When they give me money I deliver. That is way people want to know me because, I am sincere. But the State government promised to accommodate the bongo, artiste but up till now; am surprised our governor has not done anything about it.    
As Bongo ambassadors of the government house, we have not had anything meaningful from the government till now. The bongo square is languishing and nothing is happening there now. The government is really trying in other areas, but nothing is being done in the music sector. Nobody is looking in that direction, and I am not happy about it.
Uche Ogbuagu was recently handed over the bongo square and he has promised to revitalize the place within the next six months. What is your take on that?
Uche Ogbuagu is somebody I have known for a very long time now, and. I, know he is very transparent and honest in whatever he does. Handing him over the bongo square is not a bad thing, but financing it is the problem.
So government should also hand over to him bongo artistes, so that he can have access to us. Not Uche coming to Shama Melody to go and bring Ababanna. Government has to organize a sort of carnival, so that he and his friends will be there, we will play for him he will appreciate and give us money. We need money. Yes the stars need money to perform better. When you give me I deliver. So Imo Government should encourage us. Imagine where the Akwa-Ibom governor gave one of their artistes ten million naira (N10,000,000) just for singing to the praise of their State. That is a motivation to do more.

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