One year after he dropped the hit track ‘Sherikoko’, Mbaise music Ambassador Acharaman, is set to release another hit single.
Contrary to the releases on his social network pages that he would be releasing two singles on May 30, 2013 which is also his birthday, he will be releasing only one single.


Speaking to, Acharaman apologized to the general public for the wrong information he passed on earlier, stating that professional consultations made him resign from the former statement.
“It would have been a wonderful thing to pour out my tracks to the yearning fans, but professionally it is a wrong thing to do.
It will be difficult for promoters and presenters to give attention to the tracks, so I have to withdraw one, saving it for latter.
The consolation for this withdrawal will be on the quality of the track I will be releasing on my birthday”
He further said that the track will be his birthday gift to his fans while he expects them to show him love by accepting it wholeheartedly.
The track ‘Form a circle’ which is produced by J Smith, will be Acharaman’s first dance-hall track and he is promising the same vocal delivery that he is known for with inspiring lyrics.

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