The CEO, O’town Gist Entertainment (www.otowngist.com), Mr Chinedu Hardy Nwadike has urged entertainers in Imo State and South East region in general to step up their games so as to put the region on the red-hot spots of entertainment map of the country and the globe at large.

Hardy who made the call during the occasion of one year anniversary of O’town Gist Entertainment on Wednesday, said entertainers are yet to understand the power of the media, not knowing that it is the only way an entertainer can be known or heard.
“Everyone needs the media, artistes, models, designers and other stake holder in the industry. People spend money for event without a single budget for the media, and in that case, such events will not take place to anyone that did not attend it, because they will never get to read the story. This is one way politicians beat entertainers.
Entertainment pages of newspapers in this region are meant for the entertainers here and not those in Abuja, Lagos and abroad, but because we attach less value to our events, we just call them local materials that are not news worthy, a notion we all must change before we can turn the entertainment industry around.
Because of this, those that are supposed to feature sparingly are now dominating these pages because the owners do not know the value of what they have” Hardy said.
O’town Gist Entertainment is the only entertainment website that is publishing local entertainment news from Imo State online and has also encouraged newspapers in the region to pick stories there to support the artistes.
“No one can change a whole industry alone, everyone is needed. Radio and TV stations; newspapers and magazines; as well as promoters in the region. We all have a role to play in this great journey.
My crew so far is doing fine but I’m still looking forward to the day when we will be able to post every tiny entertainment gossip online as they happen.
We have great talents here, all we need is for our people to believe in them and everything will change.
We are grateful to God for keeping the site running for a whole 12 months. To the entertainers who provided the contents and to the fans who never failed to read every fresh story, we say thank you” He added.
The slogan “Thank you Owerri, thank you Nigeria was chosen for the celebration.

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