After the first edition, Owerri and the entire Imo State will have no choice but anticipate the second edition of Star Nite, an event that has come to stay.
The first edition was a perfect beginning for the event, even when there are still top artistes who did not go on stage that day.
As the second edition is billed for March 29, 2013 there are many reasons why any music lover within the state should not fail to grace the event with his presence at Valencia Lounge that night.


The first reasons is that there is no gate fee for the event which is holding in a well secured environment, and another reason is that no event has ever received the publicity Star Nite has seen in the history of entertainment in the city.
A look at the artistes that will be performing at the event is another reason why we all should be there to cheer them up.

Slow Dog
You can shout Slow Dog in the kitchen! And the output of his cooking will always be a surprise for everyone. He made a mark in the industry with his Igbo rap and ever since, Slow Dog has remained relevant in the industry, making songs that turn national hits.
Slow Dog will feature as a guest artiste and his presence is not only expected to draw crowd to the event, but will surely add flavour to it.
With his street credibility written with a clear handwriting, Acharaman will be entering the event with the same charisma that has never failed him on stage.
The Ihe gala futawa afutawa coroner is expected to show the crowd something new, but I still put my bet on Sheriko, because he knows I will love to hear that song. After all country 5 no de carry last.
Another son of the country 5 (Mbaise) who will be returning home for the event.
If he should go on stage, it will be my first time of seeing him on stage and even though it will sound strange to some people that he is an Imolite, Sym19 is another brother that always has Igbo language on his lyrics. It will be good to guess what he will be performing and I can place my bet on  Ikanka Ighota Ije
and Fine Baby Girl Ft Bracket. I know I won’t lose everything.
If she does not perform ‘Go go’ that night it means I won’t be going home at all. The ever good looking singer has nothing to do that night but to sing and dance as well.
If she should come with her dancers, she might end up with one of the best performances of the night.
I bet to see her on a long hair and if she appears too hot for you to handle, please don’t dare to touch because she will be on a different frequency.
Eedris Abdulakareem
The Jaga jaga master will surely shake up the stage if he makes it to the event and I won’t be surprise to see him perform that song as well as other hits he has made.
It will be a good moment for him to reunite with his Owerri fans and on the other side, don’t hold any grudge for me but Femilarge is also on the list and in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, google the two names. It will also be a time for Edris to tell his own side of the story.
It would not have been nice to bring him after Edris, but the controversies in the lives of entertainers are major stories people want to read, even their best friends, ‘after all bad news, good news, people just want to read’
I put my bet on Bilie oto and Potorican girl and if I end up being right, get ready to dance because this brother who is endowed with a wonderful voice will surely thrill you with his performance.
De Duke
One would wonder why this duo will have to come so low on my list, but in this game, the first is not always the first and if you remember the popular saying that ‘it is not who dances with the girl that matters, but who takes her home’ you will know what I mean.
Shekpe and Knock on your heart must be accompanied with a thrilling chorography and if dancer Josh is on stage with them, just don’t miss that moment because it will surely be everything you have always wanted to see.
Ms Zoe
Another lady going on stage and her presence will surely make a big difference.
Ms Zoe will adorn the stage with swag and style and her appearance is something I don’t want to put my bet on because she will beat me by scoring higher.
Expect to see her rapping on the single ‘super love’ and what’s the title of the next single? Just get yourself down there because that single is yet to be released and she will be performing it there.
K large
Another guest artiste in the house, and will be doing nothing but rapping with a speed close to that of sound. Swag m n’ada oku is a sure bet and the Abia State born rapper will look up to increasing his fan base in the state with a wonderful performance.
Zona will surely do his bit and till any day, his track ‘down low’ will surely be on my play list.
He will be looking at ‘bed of roses’ and other new songs he has, but to me ‘down low’ can win the stage battle for him. Watch for him.
They could simply conclude the event, but the group with top producer Dj Chet will surely have a lot to give on stage. I don’t know plenty of their songs, but ‘Hangover’ will surely be on their playlist.
Expect that voice that makes you wonder who they are. Alomo things if you know what I mean.
Nwafor will surely make his playlist and the Mbaise born artiste who never fails to smile whenever he is with the microphone will never disappoint on the stage, not any day that I am aware of.
He will be bringing vocal energy to the event and his experience means if you fail to notice that he is good, it means you are a learner.
Arty Ready
Arty Ready is in his own world as a rapper and he is surely coming in with his piece of surprise and in case you hear him say music is my remedy, believe him because that is all he loves doing.
Ray D, Real B, C4 Xplosive, Psychobarz
Any of them can start the performance list, which means they have what it takes to settle the crowd for the event and if anyone of them comes at the middle of the event, expect a big surprise because they all call pull the strings of your nerves with the excitement in their performances.
Mc Ichie
He remains the only comedian in the city who can sing and rap. If does the three on stage, I will not just be surprise. MC Ichie is a top comedian in town and his appearance on stage means everyone should fasten their seat belt because I see someone falling and if the seats at Valencia Lounge are not too strong, I see some breaking. Don’t say I didn’t tell you MC Ichie is rated 18+ especially when he is Keziah.
Mc Ash
He has been 18+ since I knew him and if you don’t fasten your seat belt, you are in trouble.
Mc Ash is a grand commander of order of comedy, a knight of Saint Laughter and someone you can never over look on stage. He has ever failed, and I don’t see him failing that night.
Dancers: Scatter & Sons, Ice babe, Eva, Master piece, Kwincy
These dancers have what it takes to hold and thrill any crowd and somehow you might be wondering how right I could be until I tell you that there is a onetime Maltina Dancehall winner on that list (Ice babe).
Eva will bring their quality and experience. Scatter & Sons, Master Piece and Kwincy will have to tell the crowd that they have been dancing at the top places.
I cannot categorically tell you what style they will be dancing, because I don’t want to say one thing and my Oga at the top will say another. Sol… (smile out loud)
Djs: Dj Blaiz, Dj Dy, Dj Timberland
I just pity the steel wheels because they just have to catch fire.
With the quality and experience on the side of the Dj, I see every performance turning into a party.
Dj Timberland is the chairman of the Djs in Imo State, and his charisma will not only inspire the young DJs in the house, but will surely light up the atmosphere. His Royal Flighness.
I can’t skip Djs Blaize and Dy because these dudes rock like hard rock and there trio will set the steel wheels on fire and it should better be the original because I no wan hear say the thing scatter when person de scratch. 
Anchor: Manosky
If this guy is an ‘Oga’, he will surely be at the top. Acclaimed one of the best masters of ceremony in Imo State, with experiences on air and off air, Manosky will be bringing swag and style to the event.
Start shopping for another ear drum, because you will be hearing an imported accent at the event especially when he has got the microphone.
Orient TV’s O’town Magic:
For those that watched the show on TV, I don’t have to say much and for those that didn’t, the programme goes on air every Friday from 6:30pm to 7:00pm on Channel 59 of UHF frequency.
Speaking on the quality of the last edition and the expectations of the second, the producer of O’town Magic, Pluto said he will be surprising the people of Owerri with packages he is coming with.
He said “I never expected that kind of quality, maybe that was why I didn’t prepare so many things, come 29th, we will do things they way they are supposed to be done”
O’town Gist Entertainment:
We have been at the forefront of promoting entertainers in the state as well as the event Star Nite and to make sure that the second edition goes down with a different flavour, we will be giving out one free exclusive interview spot, to be published in, others blogs in the country, as well as about two newspapers in the state.
If you think you can get it:
1.    Attend Star Night
2.    Take a picture at the red carpet
3.    Post it on our facebook page, (Someone else can still upload your picture, but the picture has to be taken at the event)
4.    Get your friends and fans to like the picture, the highest like wins
5.    Fans will surely go home with Tshirts. Simply like our page and wait for the questions on your timeline, or follow @otowngist on twitter.

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