Mc Tooth Pick
Like most comedians, he has humour deeply rooted in him. With humour and a powerful voice as his major selling points and it didn’t take long before he got people to love him.
 Moving over to Imo State University, where he is pursuing a degree, Mc Tooth Pick continued to make waves even in the midst of already existing comedians in the institution. Presently, the Rivers state born comedian features in advertisements, music and comedy as his major work.
Here, he tells UZOR OGECHUKWU of O’town gist correspondent more about himself.



Tell us more about yourself
I am Ebubechukwu Ogwuike. Aka Mc tooth pick. From Omoku, Rivers State. I am the 4th child out of the 8 children of my parents. Born to Christian parents, who are Deacon and Deaconess. I am a 4th year students of Imo State University.
When and how did you find yourself in comedy?
I realized I could really make people laugh at a tender age. Then, I didn’t know anything about people making a living out of comedy. I just had this thing about me that made people laugh at most things I say.
Initially, I didn’t want to do full time comedy because I thought it would breed academic distraction. When my department had an award night in my 300l, I anchored the programme, because my course mates were of the view that they cannot hire an Mc when they already have one.
 After that programme which was a success, that fire of comedy was re-ignited in me nad I am now a I  full time comedian.
What event have you handled in school
First of all, I am a final year student of IMSU. I am well known around IMSU as a comedian. I have handled several programmes such as: Award nights, birthday parties, advert, etc. I am also a member of a commercial gospel music band called Douglas International gospel band.
What is the secret and source of inspiration?
Although I discovered any passion for comedy at an early stage but I started late.
Even at that, God has always been my strength. Whenever I come on stage, His spirit takes over me and I keep flowing till end.
 In all, I ascribe all my success to God.
As a comedian, you are popular in IMSU. How were you able to achieve that?
Like I said earlier, everything I have is God’s doing.
What distinguishes you from other comedians?
My God-given humour is second to none. I don’t imitiate anybody. I’m just real and original.
As a student, how do you combine school and comedy?
It has not been easy, I must say. But, the key factors when you really want to make things happen are hardwork and determination. You’d  just have to put in all you can.
What are your major challenges?
There are several challenges we student-comedians in IMSU face. One of them is inter-relationship between the comedians we have here. The relationship we have here is not encouraging. Another challenge is working towards making good grades and at the same time that I am following my passion.
 At times, you even anchor a show a night to an exam (laughs).
What is the state of comedy in IMSU?
Comedy has improved so much in IMSU today. There is a variety of comedian and they are very competitive, everyone wants to be at the top. But, I believe my swag would stand me out among others.
What is your advice for upcoming comedians in IMSU?
Once you discover that you are good and you have passion for comedy, do not hesitate to go out there and make it happen. Do not stay back for anything. If I had started in time, I would have gone farther than where I am now.