Rapper LMG will have to find the path that will exonerate him from the recent abuse of cover songs by upcoming artistes in the country, which he seemed to be involved in.
The Imo State born artistes cum producer who was the first to release his cover for Endia’s 48 in the state, said he did his own for the love of rap music and not because others were doing it.


“I heard the song and loved the concept Endia chose. I’m not usually a copycat and you can see that in what I did. I did something entirely different on the beat and maybe my version spurred other rappers into doing theirs.
When I released mine, it was an impromptu thing because I’m also a producer who is always in the studio.
It took me days to take the decision and with the help of bloggers in the country, the song went wide, and I believe that my version is one of the reasons for the proliferation” LMG said while speaking to www.otowngist.com.
Having titled the song ‘Devil’s Mailbag’, LMG denied having anything in the song dedicated to the devil, saying that it was just the usual word play he does any time he is recording in the studio and believed that the title of the song ‘Devil’s Mailbag’ was instrumental to the success it achieved.
“I don’t care who did the track after me, because it is so obvious the whole thing has been abused.
I’m not surprised to see it, because it’s one thing with Nigerians, we proliferate things in a way that it becomes irritating, just like the latest ‘Oga at the top’ trend.
I can’t see myself doing a song with ‘Oga at the top’, because I am not an opportunist, but someone who creates concepts.
I want to be unique and not an artiste who can only get inspired by the current trend, just like they messed up Azonto, Etighi and go down low in their lyrics.
Most of the artistes who run into the studio to sing with the trending slogans, in my opinion are not worthy of being artistes because they don’t have the brain of a creative man” he added.
He however called on artistes to be original and innovative, saying that when trends fade away only style remains.

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