Akpos went for a talent hunt show, without reading the poster.
When he was called on, the judges said, Akpos give us a joke, with something that is a surprise that did not turn out to be surprising.
After thinking for a while, Akpos smiled and said.
“Na una say make I talk am oh” and the following were what he said.


Four months after the church wedding of Tuface and Annie, Tuface was busy writing a new song when Annie walked into the house with a big smile on her face.
The followed happened in real time at their residence,
Tuface: Honey welcome, how was it?
Annie: (Smiling) Honey very wonderful, and guess what?
Tuface: Annie just take am na, my head just de this song oh
Annie: I said guess what good news I have for us
Tuface: Annie make this thing no go enter nagging, just talk mam make put my head back for this song na
Annie: Honey I’m pregnant (With a smile, hugging Tubaba from behind)
Tuface: Another news dey?
Annie: I said I’m pregnant and you are asking me if I have another news, what is wrong with you, when did you become so insensitive?
Tuface: I just ask you small question and you just dey yan anyhow. Another news dey?
Annie: No honey, I’m just pregnant
Tuface: Go room go wait joor, that one na old news, something we I don hear plenty times, I need to concentrate.
Akpos woke up in the hospital with bruises and the nurse said, “Young man how come you didn’t know that Tuface was the chief sponsor of that sow?”

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