It was never on the original plan to check out best dressers at Star Nite which held on Friday March 29, 2013, but having noticed that most entertainers walk in just the way they like into what could be considered  a celebrity event, made me think otherwise.
These three chosen went extra miles in choosing their outfits for the event, maybe because of their taste or because they want to look their best.


Reading further will surely get you to know why I chose them and why they might still make the list for next edition.



Floxy: Few weeks back, her first single ‘competition’ was released and she would be making her first appearance in a celebrity event in Owerri, which means she has to look her best.
Although her brother Kozy was present, and not  specially dressed on his jeans and T-shirt, Floxy chose a perfect outfit that made her a magnet for eyes, especially men. Although she did not perform, she would be looking forward for the next edition to get the feel of the stage.

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De Dukes with Femilarge on Red Carpet

De Dukes: If they win the votes, it won’t be a new thing because the duo always look their best when they are out for an event.
Performing as one of the top artistes for the night, De Dukes did not fail the crowd with their performance as the white design on their suits made a beautiful pattern when merged with the light on the stage. One can simply say “they were glittering”.


Pluto, VickyLonia and Vivada

VickyLonia: Another first timer at the event, and a co presenter of Orient TV’s O’town Magic. She was on duty with her boss, Pluto, who was behind the camera while on her beautiful outfit she runs the Red Carpet interviews.
Men will always be men as they never stayed away from her, no wonder Femilarge brought her on stage to play Potorican girl when he was performing the song.