Although Edris Abdukarim has not been on the spotlight as an artiste in Nigeria, he was able to steal the Star Night show in Owerri on Friday March 29, 2013.
Edris who was last to come on stage, after the likes of Slow Dog, Meca, De Dudes and Sym 19 have performed on the same stage with a better crowd, stole the show by getting more than 90 percent of the people at Valencia Lounge on their feet, pointing their phones at him to either take a picture or get a video of the jagajaga master on stage.


After doing a freestyle on the jajagaja beat with names of former and current president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Dr Goodluck Jonathan respectively, he went ahead to do the main song.
The climax of his performance was when a female fan ran up stage, throwing her whole self  on Edris who caught her like a beach ball despite her plus size.
The kiss was obvious and some words were as well whispered into the ears of the jagajaga master and I wish I heard all she said in that moment that lasted close to a minute with a tight grip on Edris.
The lesson is even though most people can consider Edris as a finished business in music; he can still get the same kiss Inyanya got on his album launch.
Female fans can’t stop being crazy, and I wonder what will happen if a male fan should kiss a performing female artiste. Hope we will never get close to calling sexual harassment because what a woman can do, ‘we-men’ can do, even better.

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 The female fan as she walks away


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