Things sane and insane people have in common

 On one lovely Sunday, I stood at the popular Control Post, the roundabout that stands in front of the Mariam Assumpta  Cathedral Catholic Church Owerri, waiting to board a tricycle (Keke) that will take me to an event somewhere in town, when I noticed something spectacular happening at the stand of a movie vendor.
His Television was showing a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) bout and the people watching made the whole thing interesting.
At a point I asked myself why that video was being played. Was it not to attract buyers?
The movie vendor’s stand has turned to a free cinema for most people on the street who stop by to probably watch a full movie that lasts more than hour.

Hawkers are the highest customers of this free cinema where most of them stand with their wares on their head watching movies or wrestling bouts till they realized they have wasted much time.
 Almost every category of persons you can think of has been a victim the loud speakers and bright Television sets of these businessmen, whose intentions are to win your attention, make you stand for a while glued to the television enough to make you buy what you have watched.
Trust Nigerians, we always make something out of every difficult situation as some people have resolved to only watch and never to buy from the vendors.
A look at the picture shows that even the mad people join in this and that would make one ask who is really insane among the group watching the TV.
The vendor who also watches the TV as well sell his wares is doing his business. Even when he knows that none of the people standing in front of his shop would be patronizing him, he still left them there, because he believes that with a crowd like that, any movie freak passing by would like to  know the movie that could keep those people standing there. For the vendor, the more well dressed the people in front of his shop are, the better for him.
For the people who left their businesses to watch a free movie, they have succeeded in wasting their time, while the owner of the shop used them to attract real customers.
The mad man does nothing but waste time, and picking interest in a wrestling bout is interesting for him, meaning he is using his time very well, while the sane people go about wasting their time.
Who is actually insane among the three?



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