Lyrics: Sherikoko By Acharaman [@Acharaman] Ft Nonny D

Give me your hands, Country5 in the building. Baby give me, blue sky Ent. Give me your hands Achara Man Nonny D. From the rising of the sun until brake at dawn I will give my heart my body and my soul baby… Let’s go common.

You are my baby, my sherikoko,
Obu mu na gi ga ebi,
Asanwa nye’nm obi gi oooh
legoo legoo legoo 2x

Baby take a pose kam segi foto.
You too fine yes aga’m azutara gi moto.
Flavour si I wu tomato Jos.
Onye hu gi of cause oga agbakwa gi enyi by force.
Idi very nice.
me sa num ice.
I go pay the price.
Ngwa take me to paradise.
Asanwa I bu eleme ejegh oru.
Just give me a chance ka m metu ni gi onu.
You are my super model.
My capon.
My role model.
Na u dey turn me on.
You are my sister, my lawyer, my doctor my aunty.
Onye cho gi okwu, a ga m aku ya aka nti.
Make me your radio and turn up my volume.
Ebe obula m noro kwuo okwu I ga na anu olu m.
Nye m your finger ka m gbawa gi ola.
Our love go de grow more more taller.


Make I take you to a cool place.
And do you like say my name na 2face.
you know what I mean?
you are my black queen.
Tell me what you want, how you want it how its suppose.
Cos I will help you and carry your cross.
Nonny thank God oooh.
Say I found love oooh.
From up above oooh.
She perch on me like a dove oooh.
We go de make love 247.
My only angel you come from heaven.
Shawty sit down on a sofa.
See where I de nah make you come closer.
I go give you brake fast lunch and dinner.
Akwa gi mee dirty mu achiya dry cleaner.
I nyere’m music with sweet melody.
Owuzi my own time now I nye gi ezigbo onodi.
Sing it loud let’s go Nonny D. Comm on.

Deeper than the ocean.
Higher than the tension.
Girl you take high you make me standing attention.
I’m sinking so deep in your ocean.
No more night mares no more masturbation.
Shee oti pkon.
Omi lon.
This girl you too fine iga egbu madu.
Ur figure 8 too bad me I too gbadu.
too gbadu.

Outro: special dedication to Com. Tochukwu Igwe and his wife Uloma. and to everybody who has fallen in love.
Coal city, O’town collaboration


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