Rapper cum producer LMG has declared that he will never quit in the ministry of releasing good music until he makes the big stage of the Nigerian music industry his footstool.
LMG who released a cover for Endia’s 48 titled ‘Devil’s mailbag’ last week, while speaking to www.otowngist.com said that gone are the days when he would spend time dreaming of wearing a big shoe in music, because he has already stepped into the shoes with the kind of music he is doing.

“The big stage requires a big shoe, and I believe that I’m wearing the latest design of the shoe. All that is left is for me to walk on the big stage and that won’t be a long time from now”
Jiggy like he is fondly called by friends probably another cover name for one of his mentors, Notorious BIG who is also called Biggy, early this year released a hit track ‘Once upon a time’ which made waves online and on air, said that he had to do ‘Devil’s mailbag’ because nothing gives him joy like dropping lyrics that will thrill every lover of rap music as well as those that rarely listen to it.
‘I look forward to a day when the open pages of music textbooks on the desk of students in a music class has nothing but my lyrics on it.
The ‘R’ in rap is Rhythm and the ‘P’ is poetry, I have both and I work hard to improve everyday and you can see that anytime I drop a new single”
On ‘Devil’s mailbag’, LMG said the name is based on the normal game that is played in parties, where one picks a task from a bag.
“It’s just word play and has nothing connected to the devil. I’ve heard people say things and I still know that someone somewhere might still be saying something, but this is all about word play and nothing more”
‘Devil’s mailbag’ which was done with the original beat by Chop Stix was premiered online last week and the rate of downloads it saw, is a testimony LMG needs a megaphone to tell the world.

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