On Saturday December 22, 2012 a legend was taken away from Imo State entertainment industry, prompting tears and the black images people used on their blackberry display pictures the following day being Sunday.
I was in the church when I got the news and could not concentrate again, that was my own experience and every other person who encountered the talented Hot 99.5 FM Owerri presenter still has a story to tell on how he or she felt when the news of Ayuba’s death came.

LMG in the song Happy Birthday by Hardy featuring him and other artistes said, “Feel the celebration in your heart, raise your glasses, Cos the blessings we receiving goes deep like lashes”, and last year Imo State Based Artistes (ISBA) celebrated Ayuba at Ibari Ogwa, in an event where I published 17 wishes for Ayuba from friend, colleagues and other guest at the event, who wished the dark skinned presenter well.
How could we not have known, he would die, maybe that is why the next phrase on LMG’s  lyrics in the song was ‘blow the ashes’.
Just like ashes we pass into the endless spaces of the atmosphere but what matters is what we did before becoming ashes.
Ayuba spend his time making people happy, helping people and giving people even what he never had.
Today, families miss him because of his way of handling the Birthday Show, artistes miss him because of the ease with which he promoted their songs and they all cry because there will never be another Ayuba.
Tribute songs and comedy tracks have been recorded; articles have been written which will never bring Ayuba home again, but in one way, we can show the world that though Raymond Ayuba is dead, he is never alone.
That would be showing love the family he left behind and I know this great state and everyone who encountered this great man can do it.
I wrap up with this poem for a good friend, Ayuba.

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The fruitful tree

I stand beside this fruitful tree,
Deep rooted far in the North of the world,
Shades extending every where the seeds germinate,
 A blessing that lives after the end of time.

How can I meet a man so dark and sparkling yet?
A piece of coal, transformed to diamond,
How could chemistry be wrong about time?
How a ministry could be grown before time.

Why can’t we remember you?
No tree can bear this fruit again,
No voice can go so deep again,
No heart can dare so kind again.


We will remember you, cos I have the seeds,
I planted in my heart, a story my kids will hear,
A story our history must tell.
The glory your hard work has earned.

I stand beside this fruitful tree,
How can I meet a man so dark and sparkling yet?
Why can’t we remember you?
We will remember you, cos I have the seeds,
From you the fruitful tree
I love you, we miss you.

Farewell brother