Days after LMG alleged that Regiz threatened him to drop his name, the rapper has made another statement, saying that he is not deliberately involving himself in those controversies.
LMG last year was in a comparison row with fellow rapper X-Buster, where both rappers were compared to each other based on their style and choice of lyrics.

The Mbano born rapper can no longer hide his discomfort on the strings of controversies that are following him in the industry, but stated it categorically that it is one of the things that come with being an artiste.
“I always wish I’m not always the guy on the picture of that controversial story, I just want things to be alright, but it is just like Merci and Ronaldo, they can never stop the press from comparing both of them, but the truth still remains that they are two different players. Unhealthy comparison is not always good for players because it makes some people go the wrong extra mile to edge out the other party.
When people are threatened by your presence, it simply means you have something to offer, and when they talk about you, it means you are somebody” LMG said.
The announcement came on the wait for his new single titled ‘Once Upon a time’, which actually goes off his style of music to be a club banger.
“It will sound funny to people who listened to all the tracks in ‘Disinfectant’ but they should also remember that I did body guard, which aside being more of rap, was also a love song.
‘Once Upon a time’ will show another side of me, a message to everyone that I am a complete musician”
The new single which featured Xcello Maxmelo is expected to drop on January 18, 2012 via online blogs and radio stations around the country, and LMG cannot hide the fact that the song is being secured to avoid a leak before the official release date.
“it’s always good to drop a song at the release date, to avoid getting out an unfinished version to the public. People are trying to get the song, but they all have to wait because we will be working on the song till the release date. Because I won’t blame anyone if it leaks, I won’t let anyone leak it” he added.




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