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The internet and media are playing a big role in the determination of what to have and where to be when people desire to be entertained.

At OtownGist Media & Entertainment, we have broken the barriers of an online entertainment magazine, by choosing to take the picture of Imo State and beyond to the world via our classic reportage and real time delivery of all kinds of news as well as other human related contents.

Eastern Emirates Suits Event Center

We therefore invite you to take advantage of our larger and ever growing viewership to advertise/publicize your events, products and services to the world.

Depending on the chosen package, we ensure that your goal of reaching more customers and viewers is achieved.

The media coverage subscription

This will see that every event owned by your establishment gets media coverage in text and pictures on www.otowngist.com.
www.otowngist.com is partnering with other blogs, which means the stories, gets to appear on other platforms which means wider coverage.

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Our newspaper standard stories are guaranteed to appear on some Imo State based newspapers that rely on us for local contents.


In addition to your own events, you can as well add the media coverage subscription as an incentive to prospective customers who would like to use you establishment for their events. Offering a customer media coverage of this magnitude means they do not have to struggle for it and it also means that their event will not just happen, but will be seen by people all over the world.

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Our good number of reporters means we can handle more than one event at a time.
This package will not only promote events, but individuals from your establishment who wishes to make statements via the media.

A story with pictures online will never die because search engines (such as google.com, ask.com, yahoo.com, etc) are always ever ready to call them up anytime they are asked to.

Media Coverage Coverage/Subscription

This part is negotiable depending on how many events that will be taking place within the period of the contract.


Things to consider are:
• Frequency of events
• Individuals to be promoted
• Adding the promotion to your company package
• Choosing other packages like compulsory newspaper.
• Note that subscription packages are negotiable because of issue of frequency and type of posts we will be making for you.

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Packages Published on only
Published on OtownGist and other platforms Subscription
One month Two month Six months One year
  Musical showN20,000.00N85,000.00    
  Club toursN20,000.00N85,000.00    
  Fashion eventN25,000.00N85,000.00    
 Press releasesN38,000.00N100,000.00    
Photo NewsN27,000.00N80,000.00    

With adjustments in the services, clients are free to negotiate all advert packages.

Musical shows includes brief interviews with artistes and organizers after the event

Fashion shows covers on the grand finale; other preliminary events will come under special discussion, since the frequency of these events cannot be determined in this proposal.

Photo news above 20 pictures attracts extra charges, since the pictures are permanently hosted on the server in a high resolution format.

The duration of the subscription will be determined by the frequency of the package(s) marked in the subscription and the price will be worked out by the person signing this contract on behalf of OtownGist

If similar package is attached to your company’s services, OtownGist will offer 20% discount on such package.

The agreed packages and fees will be filled in the spaces provided above.

Other packages we can offer include social media adverts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and other platforms.

Fee Summary for Adverts Banners

SizePosition on siteMobile versionDurationAmount
380px X 380pxRight bar, all pagesNo1 monthN7,000.00
380px X 380pxRight bar, all pagesNo2 monthN13,000.00
380px X 380pxRight bar, all pagesNo3 monthN19,000.00
380px X 380pxRight bar, all pagesNo6 monthN37,000.00
380px X 380pxRight bar, all pagesNo1 yearN64,000.00
900px X 300pxTop of site, all pagesYes1 monthN15,000.00
900px X 300pxTop of site, all pagesYes2 monthN28,000.00
900px X 300pxTop of site, all pages Yes3 monthN40,000.00
900px X 300pxTop of site, all pagesYes6 monthN78,000.00
900px X 300pxTop of site, all pagesYes1 yearN150,000.00
900px X 300pxMiddle of articleYes1 monthN18,000.00
900px X 300pxMiddle of article Yes2 monthN34,000.00
900px X 300pxMiddle of articleYes3 monthN50,000.00
900px X 300pxMiddle of articleYes6 monthN95,000.00
900px X 300pxMiddle of article Yes1 yearN180,000.00
900px X 300pxBefore Article, all pagesYes1 monthN20,000.00
900px X 300pxBefore Article, all pagesYes2 monthN38,000.00
900px X 300pxBefore Article, all pages Yes3 monthN54,000.00
900px X 300pxBefore Article, all pagesYes6 monthN100,000.00
900px X 300pxBefore Article, all pagesYes1 yearN190,000.00
900px X 300pxAfter Article, all pagesYes1 monthN15,000.00
900px X 300pxAfter Article, all pages Yes2 monthN28,000.00
900px X 300pxAfter Article, all pagesYes3 monthN40,000.00
900px X 300pxAfter Article, all pagesYes6 monthN78,000.00
900px X 300pxAfter Article, all pages Yes1 yearN150,000.00
900px X 300pxFooter, all pagesYes1 monthN10,000.00
900px X 300pxFooter, all pagesYes2 monthN18,000.00
900px X 300pxFooter, all pages Yes3 monthN26,000.00
900px X 300pxFooter, all pagesYes6 monthN48,000.00
900px X 300pxFooter, all pagesYes1 yearN90,000.00

Next Steps

To proceed with this project, you are required to take the following steps:
1. Accept the proposal as it is or discuss desired changes.

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2. (Please note that changes to the scope of the project can be made at any time, but additional charges may apply.)

3. Finalize and sign the contract.

4. Submit initial payment of about 70% of total subscription fee, where it is not an instant package.

5. Once these steps have been completed we will begin the project with a kick off meeting to elaborate on what we want from your establishment in order to serve you best.

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Terms and Conditions

1. Once project fee is paid in full to OTOWNGIST MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT any elements of text, graphics, photos, contents, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to YOUR ORGANIZATION for inclusion in our website and other media are owned by YOUR ORGANIZATION, and your organization have the right to unpublished an article sponsored by you.

2. OTOWNGIST MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT assumes YOUR ORGANIZATION has permission use any image or design elements that are provided by YOUR ORGANIZATION for inclusion in our website and other media, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend OTOWNGIST MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements.


3. This agreement becomes effective only when signed by agents of YOUR ORGANIZATION and OTOWNGIST MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT. Regardless of the place of signing of this agreement, YOUR ORGANIZATION agrees that for purposes of venue, this contract was entered into in Nigeria and any dispute will be litigated or arbitrated in Nigeria.

4. The agreement contained in this contract constitutes the sole agreement between YOUR ORGANIZATION and OTOWNGIST MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT regarding all items included in this agreement.

Call  +234808704454 +23480136723796
Email; otowngist@gmail.com
or visit our contact page

Other services we offer include Web and graphics designing, executing ICT training, staff training on computer usage as well as ICT consulting.

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