Rap artiste Murda Crack recently release what would be considered a hardcore rap track online which did not really go well with him, even when the song was downloaded massively.


According to some people who downloaded and listened to the song, they could not take away the talent embedded in the young rapper who did well in picking his words in the track titled ‘the best’, but said he was being too western and was missing the jolly lyrics of Nigerian Hip-hop.


Another fan wrote “this is a dope track but you just have to come home, naija has got a style, stay away from the beef things, we don’t want another Timaya in the western form”


Murda Crack in his reaction wondered what they actually meant by him not coming down to the Nigerian hip-hop style stating that some artistes in the country have excelled through rap music, even when they did songs with words stronger than what he has used.

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“Even though the fans have the final say, I still don’t understand what they want from me, I’m a rapper and I can’t leave it to start singing ‘shake that thing and go down low’ which most artistes are doing in the name of hip-hop. I know the people out there like it, but they should know that hip-hop has dignity, and should show some respect to the genre that put the black race on world map.

Hip-hop is a way of life for me and I live this life by rapping and that is what I will keep doing, I can’t change because of few people who didn’t listen to my song very well. I used pigeon English and Igbo language in my lyrics, how come they didn’t hear that?”

He believes that the most important thing is to get the song out there to more people and focus on his next project.