Dear Bro Fuston,


I am a young girl of 19 years, I have a boy friend. We have been staying together in peace for a month now, the truth is that he has been demanding for sex since we started this relationship and I kept telling him that it is not yet the right time for us to have sex.

He recently told me that if I don’t want my relationship with him to end I should go ahead and grant his request.

Sincerely speaking, I love this guy. I am a virgin and would not want to have sex till we get married. He has been disturbing me about it and I am confused because my relationship with him will soon end. If I don’t grant his wish and I can’t stand the heart break.



Please help me, because I love this guy and wouldn’t want to see another girl having my man. Assist me to move in the right direction before I encounter regrets. Thank you.

Ginikanwa from Mbaise.

Dear Ginikanwa,

I am shocked and worried that you are talking about regrets and heart break at the age of 19. What is our society turning into? Don’t you know that virginity is virtue of unquantifiable value. You should be very proud that you are still a virgin and as such should not let any morally- bankrupt man to exploit your virginity.


God is seeing your efforts in maintaining your virginity and He will surely reward you in due season with a husband that will appreciate and respect you for being a virgin.

You are in love with the wrong person I must tell you, and until you open your eyes to this truth, you may be deceived by that guy that is frequently demanding for sex and you may not be able to overcome the shame that will accompany the deceit.

Chase that guy out of your life now, if he is willing to have you sexually, then let him patiently go and complete your marriage rites, only then you are permitted to give him your most valued treasure.

At 19, your focus now should be more on how to get the best of education or how to be a success in life.

The dangers inherent in fornication or pre-marital sex are many and complex. Are you ready to face these dangers especially the mental torture. THINK.