Dear Bro. Fuston,

It is widely believed that people that carry the Bible or those individuals known as men of God do not indulge in acts that will expose them in bad light, especially being found in the act of womanizing. I can attest that it is no longer so because what I am going to share with you is my second experience and I have heard of other established cases.

There was no specific problem that took me to his ministry, but I felt my family needed prayers for protection against evil people. That was why I accepted to join a former classmate who convinced me that he is a true prophet of God.

No doubt, he is a powerful prayer warrior, but his weakest point is beautiful women.


The first day I came to the small place where he organizes prayers and deliverance, he told me certain correct things about myself and my family and I became a regular in his ministry.

He called me not long I started coming and informed me that the Holy Spirit ministered to him that I am going to be his wife, but that we two should give sometime to prayers to actually confirm the signals he received.

I did pray, but sincerely I received no answers as to whether the spirit has endorsed me to be the prophet’s wife.

One thing I must not fail to tell you sir, is that when he started coming close to me I developed deep interest in him, being a young handsome, educated and above all one that has the fear of God. I told myself that he is the right man for me.

Early this year he once announced to his congregation that he has seen whom to marry and is gradually getting ready for wedding. Many in the ministry, including the lady that brought me had in mind that I am the one because of how special he treats me.


He has been to my house to merely inform my parents of his intentions about me and since then, I must confess that we have been so intimate.

This is about one year and four months since we became lovers, he is 32 years old and I am 24 years old, his only reason for not making our relationship formal and known to the public is because he wants to complete his bungalow in the village and also expand the church building due to the fact that members are increasing.

I am not in any way against this move and I am not in a hurry to get married to him or any man.

I love him with all my heart and can patiently wait for him to accomplish any worthy project.

My worry about my affair with him is one thing and that is his love and activities with mostly pretty fair ladies, including those that visit his ministry for counseling and prayers.

There were rumours about his amorous activities with women in his counseling room, I didn’t quite dismiss those rumours, but they became evident recently when two fair skinned ladies, one single and the other married with two kids fought over who should be the prophet’s lover.

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This incident really devastated me, he has asked the two women not to come to the gathering again and has also apologized to me, though he denied not having any sexual relationship with any of the women.

Furthermore, he is seriously talking about our wedding at the beginning of the year 2013.

Since the fight by those two shameless women, coupled with the numerous tales I heard about him with women, he now appears to me like a stranger. I cannot as it is trust him with any woman and what I want to find out from you is, if I can move on with this prophet I hardly can trust having any form of conversation or counseling in private with a woman?

Tell me the correct thing to do please.

Gladys lives in Uli Anambra State.

Dear Gladys,

Your experiences are unfortunate but it is not true that all that profess the name of God engage in sexual sins.

Usually there are counterfeits of every original thing, besides; some people find it hard to keep in check the desires of their flesh.

Your prophet-lover maybe one of those that are not in control of their lustful desires and this is enough to disqualify him from counseling others and also keeping a strong marriage.

I applaud your position of not being in a hurry to get married, it is very important for you to know well the man you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

The burden of trust lies on his shoulders, your part is to forgive him since he has apologized to you. Watch him closely to ensure that what he is accused of or what you feel about him, he has repented of it or even did not indulge in it.

The truth of every matter definitely will manifest no matter how long it was concealed.

There should be a noticeable change from the way he interacts with women. You can help him by telling him to have a place not too private and not too open for counseling.

I will not advise you to move on with a man you lack trust for. Marriages that lack trust find it difficult surviving the least turbulent moment. If you are not convinced about the man you want to marry, then you wait till you are convinced, but if by the end of the day your fears are confirmed to be true, then you must quit from the relationship immediately.

Your case is also compounded because from every indication (your intimacy with him) you have had sex. Such is one of the acts that unite a man and woman according to Bible. In the spiritual realm, you are united with this prophet, though he has not officially wedded you.

Your intimacy with his is a good reason why you should not stand aloof but must help in emancipating this young, educated, handsome prophet from the clutches or grip of lust.

Patiently wait, unless he has been deluded or given a reprobate mind, change is inevitable.