As rap music is coming up to be a genre that majority of music lovers in Owerri are embracing, so is the controversy that goes with the genre unfolding gradually in the city.


Artistes are usually compared to those similar to them in style which often leads to argument among the fans of such artistes and in most cases leads to quarrel among the artistes themselves.


In line with the comparism, lovers of rap music on the street are putting the weights of two rap icons in the city on a balance to see who will weigh more in style, lyrics and in conent.


LMG and Xbusta are not new in the city, but the big question people are asking is simply “who is better?”

LMG recently released ‘Mbo [Struggle]‘, the first single of his mixtape, ‘Disinfectant’ which is filled with poetic rhymes that go all the way to say that a man struggles everyday to make it in life while looking up to God to perfect his dreams.

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He also encouraged young people to do whatever good thing they can do to survive and one day God will lift such person up.

Quoting some of the lyrics “Street boy wey de struggle no mean say em God don forsake am” and “half bread is better than hunger wey lanky”

Xbusta on his side has a soft voice on his rap that will remind you of Bone Thugs n Harmony which makes him unique in his way. His role in the Ibari Ogwa song with Big Chance and Cyphatyte as well as General Sleezy’s ‘Jijiji’ has put his voice out there to the people.


While LMG is also a producer, Xbusta is just an artiste.

The question is, will this street credibility comparism bind them together or tear them apart into releasing beef songs. Rap will always be rap, we can expect a beef song soon.