Rapper and music producer LMG has defended hip-hop music, saying that the genre is not always against good morals.


Speaking to www.otowngist.com LMG said that contrary to the belief that hip-hop music is about sex, drugs and violence and other negative vices in the society, he believes that hip-hop music still has a role to play in the shaping of the society.


“Majority of the youths today listen to hip-hop music, even the gospel artistes are changing the tune of their music to meet up with this current trend. I know too well that some artistes sing about sex, drugs and money, but hip-hop can still change the world.


I do hip-hop and I want to touch people with my music. I want to give them hope, I want to talk to the leaders and everybody through my music because I know that everyone listens to music”

The dark skinned artiste who is set to release a mixtape titled ‘Disinfectant’ is dropping the first single titled Mbo (Struggle).

Mbo will officially be available online on October 17, 2012, via www.otowngist.com and other entertainment websites around the country by 5:00 am.

“I called it ‘Disinfectant’ because that is what it is, hip-hop has been on the negative side and I am coming to purge that trend. It is time to do things the right way”