As Imolites, Princess Neboh flay govt. Insensitivity

Very many citizens and residents of Imo State have expressed shock over the news of the death of the 6 year old boy with eye cancer, Chibuike Okafor, decrying what they tagged leadership insensitivity to the plight of the poor.
Little Chibuike who has been infested with the eye cancer died about 2.30pm yesterday at his home town Ofeahia Amaifeke in Orlu Local Government Area and his body has been buried in his father’s compound.


An Imolite who is based in United States of America, Princess Stella Njemanze-Neboh on hearing the death of the innocent blamed same on the insensitivity of politicians at the helm of affairs in the state.
Neboh who is a daughter of the Njemanze royal dynasty in Owerri Municipal, capital of Imo State expressed deep shock at the height of insensitivity shown by the officials of the government who were alerted over the boy’s plight since past one month.
“Chibuike, the little angel is dead. I hope our government and the rest of people of Imo State will hold the guilt of this little boy for the rest of our natural lives.” She moaned.
The princess lamented that it is a shame that politicians would wish to spend millions of naira to seek an elected office and “yet we could not save a child’s life. May God save the people of Imo State and May Chibuike’s little, helpless soul rest in peace, Amen, she prayed.
According to her, in a short service message, SMS, Chibuike’s is now pain free and at peace with God, adding he dies because he was poor and the society he shared the world with turned their back on him.
Princess Neboh said she is deeply saddened because all efforts, through series of communication to the speaker, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu, his deputy, Pharmacist. Donatus Odoemenam, the Director general, Imo Foundation including the representative of Orlu Constituency, in Imo State House of Assembly, Barr. Mike Ndubuaku to help save the boy’s life felled on deaf ears.
She however thanked every Imolite who through prayers, donation, care and love affected the 6 year old boy’s life until his death. She thanked all.
Princess Neboh prayed for the people and leaders in the state and wished that the death of Chibuike Okafor will give us a reason to take a second look at our priorities in our beautiful state.
Reacting, the Co-publisher of Nigeria Newspoint, Lambert Ojukwu moaned that Chibuike died because life means nothing to leaders in the country, adding those who claim to be philanthropist failed to rescue this 6 year old lad.
It is shocking the publisher said that all personal contacts and SMS  sent to people in office in the state yielded no financial result to enable the sum of N3million be raised for the child’s surgery in an Indian hospital.
Ojukwu blamed the level of insensitivity shown to the plight of the late Chibuike on corruption, insincerity and idle worship which has taken over the land.
“Our people, many who claim to be children of God are becoming evil agents in positions of authority, pretending to be Christians when they are agents of darkness.
The publisher averred that Chibuike’s case was such minor issue that could be handled by the state government and flayed the careless attitude of the Commissioner for Health and Imo State legislators to whom the father of the boy, Mr. Obinna Okafor first ran to, without any solution.
Ojukwu condemned the rascal and irresponsible attitude of the representative of Orlu State Constituency, Barr. Mike Ndubuaku, to whom he sent touchy short service Messages (SMS) without any reply. He advised the lawmaker to hide his face in shame and resign because he could not handle a major primary assignment to a constituent.
It will be recalled that Nigeria Newspoint mounted serious campaign, calling for help to come to the Boy’s family over a month ago, all to no avail, only few persons including Princess Njemanze that responded 

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