As the year gears towards its end, organizations and sectors are preparing their score sheets to know who fared well in what he is doing from the beginning of the year to the period in view.


If you are in Owerri or Imo State, there are four votes you must cast to see that the entertainment sector of the state has something to celebrate by the end of this year.

This call for voting is not in any way personal but a general call to lovers of entertainment in the State and beyond who wish to see that 2013 is started on a higher note when we finally get there.

The first vote to cast goes to U-Zone of Hot 99.5 FM, who has been nominated for On Air Personality of the Year and Content Producer of the Year in the maiden edition of Nigeria Radio Award.

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To Vote U-zone

Type ‘radio (space) OAP (space) U-zone’ and Content Producer of the Year type “radio (space) CPP (space) U-zone” and send to 32050.

Online voting can be done at


The next vote goes to our own Naeto C’s video “I Gentle” which is up the Most Gifted West African Video of the Year Award.

To vote simply visit

Or text 12D To +27839208406

The third vote goes to LilyJean Obi who is currently on the Next Movie Star contest.

To vote LilyJean Obi visit

The last vote can go to anyone on the long list of Owerri based artistes in the O’town Gist Song of the Year Poll.

The poll has just started and will run until the end of the month on