After travelling round because of his music, Onuoha Iheanocho aka Acho has decided to bring his act home to Imo State.


The pop and RnB singer who has performed alongside the best in Nigeria music industry spoke to from Lagos where he is waiting to take off for Abuja against an independent day show on Sunday. He said “Coming home is one of the best things for me to do. It won’t be good if I achieve everything without being known at home. So I’m coming home with my muisc, I want it to be on all radio stations in the state as well the TV stations for the video”


Acho was 2010 nominee of All Africa Kora awards in the best African artiste in Europe and Caribbean category, and in the same year, he performed alongside Akon in Benin Republic during their independent day celebration.

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Unlike other artistes from Imo State, Acho has made his love for Imo State open not hiding a bit of it. “I have always been proud of my state. Imo state is a great state with great people. You cannot write us off in the history of music in the country because we have always had people doing well at every generation of musicians in the country.

Igbos are doing great in the music industry both at home and abroad. If all the stars can come home and help the artistes here, I see us taking over the whole industry”

While down the East of Niger, Acho hopes to tour Imo State, Rivers State and Cross River State.

Acho performing live with his six man band



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