As O’town Artistes’ Night returns, lovers of music in Owerri Imo State capital will have something to cheer for, while the artistes will try to see how they can make good use of their license to thrill.


Even though they all have this license, how many are able use it very well and how many of them really thrilled the crowd on Friday September 21, 2012 which saw the second edition of the second coming of the popular show that brings artistes in Owerri together on one stage.


Old timers and debutants at the event gave it a total of 14 performances with NC Happy, G Don, Real Playa (Free Style), Acharaman, De Brown, ILL THOTZ featuring Stature, and Mr El.


Others that came on stage are LMG, Young D, Naut B, Kenny C, Still Bill, and Pretty Boys Swag with Dj Urch on the stereo as the show rolled. was live at the event and from our own point of view, this is how the artistes faired on stage.

NC Happy:

The truth is that I haven’t seen this dude on stage before, but he put up a good performance to bail his name. Performing two songs ‘You too much’ and ‘you make me feel’, he showed the character to excel in the industry and although he is not a dancer, he was still all over the stage doing his thing.


G Don

He came on stage with two good songs with an equivalent performance for them. Not at dancer like person before him, yet he did what he could have done anytime as an artiste and I see him ready to push his game till he is waving at the top stage.

Real Playa

He somehow came to the rescue of the show with a hot free style, thrilling with rhymes with the crowd cheering his raw lyrics. Real playa free styled with the names of everyone he knew at the show and never got of the beat nor off the key which makes him a genuine rapper and a part of the future of the music industry. He a co-host at the event, and did well to keep the show alive with Acharaman on the other side of the microphone.

De Brown

It was difficult to get him on the camera because he came on stage with a lot of energy. With a good song and good stage attitude, De Brown put up a performance that will surely make top five if rated. It was his debut but he stole the show with an act that will surely see him go places in music. I see great things coming from this dude.

ILL THOTZ ft Stature

Having been out of town for a while, he chose the best time to return to the Heart Land City. Hardcore rapper turned love song singer, Ill thotz thrilled the crowd with his new single ‘Kolo Love’. Performance alongside Stature whom he featured on the song, they put up a performance of voice, thrill, and melody to the astonishment of people like me who has never seen this dude on stage before. He will surely make the top five for the night.

Mr El

After the release of his album, the next thing is for him to show his face everywhere he could and it wasn’t a wrong decision for the dark skinned singer and dancer to perform on the artistes’ night. For stage attitude and dance, Mr El has a pass mark on both and being able to know how to use his license to thrill as an artistes, he has everything it takes to be an artiste. He rocked his session I must say he did it well and he got into the top five for the night.

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He has been on the show from day one, but as a spectator. He has got all the shout outs he could get from artistes when they get on stage but no one on the show has ever seen him handle the microphone apart from that in the recording boot.

LMG put up a paparazzi performance that thrilled everyone. If you can’t dance to this dude, you’ll surely nod to his song which pulled up a mini party during his performance. Not a bad one from a dude known to all as a producer. Thrill on bro.


He has that real swagger on etighi, with a cool track that does not let him stay on the floor of the stage. Young D was all up and down on the stage as if he has a spring under his feet.

You never get tired of watching him because he always has something new in his moves anytime he spits a new word in his lyrics.

Naut B

He has the height and swagger to excel; voice and songs that will shoot him up there as an artiste. Naut B’s performance wasn’t below the standard he has been setting for himself and the improvement could be seen all the way as he did his thing on stage.

Kenny C

He was supposed to be in a sad mood, but he still came on stage, a week to the burial of his dad. He loves music and you could see the tremendous improvement on this young man.

Performance is all about the stage attitude and he killed the show with his azonto dance style which I have never seen before. Call it ‘rombo rombo dance’ the title of the song he performed or whatever you choose, I’ll give Kenny C the best performance for the night, meaning if this were to be a blackberry, he gets to be my display picture for a week.

He is a prospect for the industry and the future of the entertainment industry in the state lies in the hands of people like him. Kudos bro.

Still Bill

Another name I have also waited to see on stage, Still Bill is a rapper and a singer who knows everything he is supposed to know in music. With ‘Feel it’ he finished the task in his session on stage and you don’t have to be told how good his performance was, because you can count the number of people sitting while the rest were standing having caught the azonto fever in ‘feel it’

Pretty Boi Swag

Their debut was good enough for any day, and their song will be the fuel for their success anytime it comes. Being the only duo that got on stage, they did not waste their session after a performance that left lines of their song on the minds of everyone that watched them perform.


He is always a show killer, doing a freestyle that thrilled the crowd initially before performing Sherikoko and Reflax.

As a co-host in the show, Acharaman needs no introduction on stage because he has been doing well all along and if it were to be his debut on the show, I’ll make him a contender of the best performance for the night.

Therefore, without fear or favour, Kenny C gets the best artiste for the night.


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